Lessons from Life – Ecosystem INFLUENCES on our wellbeing

This happened to us recently. A family was introduced to us by an existing client. The lady of the house was suffering from

  • Acute Stomach ache
  • Backpain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Depression

She had tried all types of treatments (Allopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional Indian Herbal…and more)…and nothing seemed to be working well. She was struggling with her day to day life. Everything had come to a standstill for her.

Before giving her an appointment, we typically do some advanced scanning to look at the energetic footprints of  her eco-system (family, home and environment). This is also the time, when we check if we have the permission to heal  (NO  permission = Unwarranted Interference).

What we found was the following

  • We had permission to heal
  • The physical challenges that she faced today were due to challenges arising out of her lack of alignment with her own spiritual path
  • This lack of alignment with her spiritual path were influenced strongly by her husbands lack of alignment with his spiritual path.
  • His lack of alignment had actually commenced from the time of his birth.

To make an effective healing effort we realised that we not only had to heal her body but also heal / counsel the husband. Hence we asked them both to come for treatment. This is an interesting case because the husband luckily did not show any hesitation or aversion to come for a treatment. Particularly so, as he was a Karate instructor and fully healthy and fit as per normal social reckoning.

They had come to us a month back. Today we spoke to them and noted that much changes had happened and that she was back to being healthy and energetic. Our healing protocol (ie balance the eco-system  and not just the individual) turned out to be quite effective.

Here are the learning for all of us from the above

chain weak link 2
Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We all know that, however, how much of this do we use when we take decisions on a daily basis and how much of this reflects in our lifestyle.

Do take time to consider the following

  1. Does your happiness get influenced by the habits and choices of your live-in family members ? Can you really isolate yourself from them ? Is that practical ?
  2. Do you think that the heart can function well if the kidneys are damaged  or dysfunctional ?
  3. Do you think a business will thrive to its full potential if one of the partners is a victim to drug abuse ?
  4. Do you think our planet’s agriculture will be impacted if all the bees and other pollinating agents were to disappear from the planet ?
  5. What we are driving at is this….your soul growth (learning on planet earth) is going to be positively or adversely affected by your ecosystem (work / play / family / social).

This relationship and influence is properly understood as the “Law of entrainment”.

Entrainment is synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles


Entrainment was first of all discovered by a Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in 1665. He set up a room full of pendulum clocks and got them all started one at a time. He found that when he came back to the room a day later, the sway of their pendulums had all synchronized.


The principle behind entrainment is very simple

“Any two vibrating bodies will synchronize  if exposed to each other for long enough”.

This happens when by transfer energy to each other. We human beings also have our own unique frequencies. The entire universe is really about frequencies.

the universe speaks frequency 1
Your being’s (soul) vibration is determined by its own unique journey thus far.  Its vibrations are likely to influence others around it and also susceptible to these same factors that may counter influence it.

the universe speaks frequency 2.jpg






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