Lessons from life : Where do we want to fit in ? How evolved are we ?

Chi made a comment very casually,but it left me thinking for many days after and finally made me write this.

Chi’s comment was ” how justified are we in plucking a fruit or milking an animal and consuming it’s milk? How is one different from the other?  ”

The first defensive statement that comes to mind, is the milk comes from the mother’s blood. It is processed in the mother’s body, to feed the  baby.

Then my observation is that the sap is the blood of the plant. How are we justified in plucking a leaf, stem, bark or fruit and allow the plant to bleed it’ s sap?

twiggyAre we saying that the tree is okay with our plucking things of it and it doesn’t mind, as it does not say anything?

Well in many a cultures that still retain the true spiritual wisdom and live according to the natural laws, they do not cut down trees, they all gather around and scold the tree and the tree dies.

There are numerous experiments conducted all over the world that proves plants and trees have feelings.

But just because we do not hear their voice nor see a cute face, we are justified in pruning or harvesting or chopping down the plant?

The next level is Fish. Again we can’t hear them voice out their feelings against hunting them, so its fine to fish for them in hoards, there are many observed cases of other marine beings that suffer and/or die, due to fishing by the huge ships, but who hears them?

“Dogs, cats, horses, parakeets are pets. Normal beings do not eat them.” what differentiates them from a cow or pig or chicken or turkey? I don’t see any label on them saying ‘i am food, kill me and eat me’

The excuses we make are flimsy. Who labled these beings as food? Which universal power acknowledged that? Which universal authority said these specific beings are pets breed them, these are pests kill them. Wolves, racoons, sharks, rabbits, rats, fox, skunks are a few examples I mention, who come under the rodents/ pests category and they are to be exterminated without mercy.

Am I saying we all should starve and not hurt and of these beings? NO

We need to be picky about Why we consume and  How much we consume instead of being picky about the What and hygiene and quality.

When we got the capacity and provisions to cook at home, why go out and eat? We are hoarding stuff at home and consuming foods outside, all in the name of entertainment rather than necessity as animal beings do!

Ever seen an obese animal being in the wild? I am not taking into account the pets we have who are obese due to our over indulgence!

What i am indicating is that, we need to have a compassionate view that the beings of the animal kingdom display.

Does it sound strange? Compassion and the animal kingdom?


upside down
Ever seen an animal being hunt another species for profit  ?


upside down
Ever seen a human skin (leather) fashion show ?
upside down
Imagine this, a human circus
upside down
Trophies….anyone ?
upside down
So easy to Booby trap a man. Yet no animal being even considers this.



upside down
Give me an example of an animal being who raped his fellow being in presence of others to spite them or took a weapon and went on a killing spree or took a butchering knife and slit someone’s throat or electrocuted a fellow creature.
Did any animal being sit on a high tree or laid a trap to hunt man or anyone else to skin it and hang trophies on the wall.
Did animal kind pollute the rivers, build dams, cut forests in the name of modernization.


peoplen things.jpg

Did animal kind pollute the rivers, build dams, cut forests in the name of modernization.

Has any animal being ever committed atrocities as we have done on them since centuries?

Did they shoot Mother Nature in the face? Did they try to build automatons using the five elements? Modernization is taking us to the brink of destroying our fellow species and the home we live in.

Some things we “HUMAN BEINGS?” do:


When asked to take responsibility for the actions of mankind, there is a shocked look and the question shoots of the listeners mouth” WHO ME?” or ” You think I am responsible for this? ”

I do not harm nature or animals, I am an honest citizen, kind creature who harms none. Then take a closer look at this innocent  WHO ME face?  Then ASK does it use cosmetics, antibiotics, synthetic materials for wearing/ cooking/ furniture, use transportation, live in a home, use amenities? If the answer is yes to even a single one of the above usages, well then we are part of the group that is represented in the pictures to the left. We are harming our kids and loved ones when we vaccinate them or give them chemical drugs thinking it will heal. We are harming Nature when we use the modern tools and technology. Should I stop using technology then? Well can we be careful in our usage. Avoid excessive consumption of petro chemicalized products. What are they? Multifaceted uses of petrochemical ranges from day to day trivial products to high range products. Petrochemical commodities start ranging as something from as mundane as plastic carry bags, sneakers to explosives.

Synthetic (a petrochemical product)  serves as the raw material for wrinkle-free garments, they can be woven into tapestry, carpets, curtains, and many other things. Petrochemical is also used as fertilizersdeloading or destroying

Wax,used in candles and show pieces, polishes, and milk cartons, and other insta food packs.

Detergent, liquids and the powders, have oils, alcohol (a petrochemical product) or petrochemicals as their ingredients.

Food-additives are another major kinds of petrochemicals, used as preservatives to increase the tenure of freshness of canned food. Petrochemical also stretches itself to the production of Vitamins like the ASA (Acety salicylic acid).

The non-stick pads made to plaster wounds are also a petrochemical product. Today, the medical industry has improved its standards by leaps and bounds and petrochemicals have served as a boon to this sector.

Dyes which are very familiar coloured petrochemical products, especially the color of the ink used in the pens.

Plastic bottles are made from petrochemicals too. Polyester is used in the making of most plastic commodities. Besides this, compact discs and cassettes are made up of polyester or petrochemical oil.

Ethylene (a by product obtained by heating or distilling the oil) is the most essential constituent of petrochemical oil and is used to make garbage bags, camera films, milk crates, bags etc.

Thus, petrochemicals have enormous uses. The petrochemical products are used in every nook and corner of the world ranging from household applications to the massive industrial production taking place across the world.

Are we still going to shrug and say NOT ME!!! I am not harming our Earth?

shooting in the face

Let us take accountability for our life and the things we use. Be minimalistic, Be simple in thinking, being and doing. Have few possessions, material and spiritual as well! Go Vegan. Use as much natural products as possible IF NEEDED!!!! Avoid clutter in life, home and in your thoughts n Soul.

As we awake each morning and throughout the day, we should HAVE A HUGE SENSE OF GRATITUDE towards Mother Earth and all the gifts she shares with us, we should honour and thank our fellow Earthlings for their wisdom and kindness they demonstrate towards humans, Our Guides and angels who watch over us while we journey in the Earth life as an earthling.

dare to dream
Let us dare to dream and play in the arms of Nature
sounds of silence
Lets enjoy and sing loudly and silently the Songs of Silence

Lets reverse EGO to ECO

ego vs eco




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