Lessons from Life – Soul Switching



Soul switching is pretty common. It can happen normally (prearranged) or it can be hostile.

Hostile switching is like car jacking.

You love your car. You enjoy driving. You paid for the car. Now you pay for its upkeep and maintenance.  You take it to work and play. You cannot imagine your life without your car. There are many cars out there….but you love your car the most. Its home.

So, what happens during Car-Jacking ? What is the Spiritual relevance for a truth seeker ….What can we learn from it ? Carjacking is what happens when a car is taken away from its rightful owner without their consent.

Lets explore Multiple forms of car jacking

Scenario 1)


You wake up one morning, look in your garage and your car is gone. Vanished.


You parked the car to go shopping. When you came back….it was gone.

Recovery : Scenario 1 a)

You have a strong connection to your car. You know how to find it. (Homing instinct). It takes you a little time and some discomfort….but you find it. You are disturbed (invasion of privacy) that it happened.

lost car 1

You get into your car and drive on. From now on its business as usual. You want to forget what happened to you. You force it out of your mind.

lost car 4

Recovery Scenario 1 b) all as in Scenario 1 a) PLUS the following additional responses

Your awareness is better than in recovery scenario 1 a).

You notice new dents on the outside of the car.
There are some items in the car that are not yours. A pen in the dashboard box, a doll in the back seat.
The area around the ignition key hole seems scratched badly.
The spare tire is punctured.
The cars papers are stolen.
The door lock has weakened.

lost car 2

You report this to the police.
You fix a new burglar alarm for better protection.
You fix the dents and the tire. All the while feeling abused and bad.
You feel you would like some revenge (justice).
The doll is nice. I’ll keep it. The pen is handy too.

car protect 2.jpeg

3 weeks later you are arrested for possession of illegal and contraband material (they were hidden in the doll). Corrupt policemen impound your car.

Cause and Effect 1

You undergo trauma. You use your connections get bail, leave your city for a break to be with your parents for a week. Then comeback and sort all your problems.

Scenario 2)

hitchhiker 1You are driving home. You stop at the lights. A beautiful person of the opposite sex wants a ride / lift. You are attracted. You agree.

The chemistry between you two is awesome. You end up being lovers.

hitch hiking romance 2

Soon the other is also driving the car to many places. You are there for many of the joint trips, but for some you new partner went alone.

A little time passes. The chemistry has started to dwindle. The risks are evident. 6 months later the police arrest you for running over a person on the kerb. All tell tale clues, blood stains, skin/hair stuck to fender and front tire….eye witness reports of the car…match perfectly. Your lover/partner is absconding. You realise that their cell phone has not been working since the time of the accident.

hit and run 1

Now you have to explain things to your spouse and the rest of your family.


Scenario 3)

You love your car. You take care of it well. But, your life is stressed. To De-stress you use recreational drugs / alcohol (substance)

car jacker 1However you do not like to do substance alone.

Your substance supplier tells you, that he is happy to drive your car and take care of it while you indulge. You are ok with that.car-jacker-3.jpg

After a while your frequency of substance abuse is higher….and the no of instances where others use your car when you are inebriated is much more.

You are losing your connection with your car.

Scenario 4)


You are driving. This person with a gun forces themselves into your car and takes over. You are tied up while they take the car wherever they want.

Scenario 5)


You get a message that your child has been kidnapped. You do your best to locate your child and you can’t. ransomYou get instructions from the kidnapper to drive to a remote location for a money for child exchange.

You relent. No doubt, you are now driving your car, but are NOT doing things out of your free will. Your journey has been hijacked.


Scenario 6)


You have had an extremely tired week at work. You want to sleep in. Your family members however need to do shopping. You feel obliged and relent….because you are this nice person ever willing to serve others, but inside you notice that none of them really care for your feelings are thoughts. Having you around is just convenient for them…real easy. Your car becomes the carry all. If you check 90% of the time your car is doing their work. They could very easily take a cab or a bus. You would not mind this….but they never seem to. Invariably you are the inadvertent errand person.

The above are just a few scenarios. Now consider the following….

You = Your “Soul”.

Car = Your “Body”.


Remember that you have a body (ie you have taken on a biological suit to experience life on planet earth).  Now everything that happens in car jacking is happening to you in real life. Simply replace the car jacking experience with soul jacking. The effects are absolutely similar.

Here is an explanation for what is happening

soul loss 1

We have also noticed multiple souls sharing the same biology. Most often, at these times it hostile and this is being done by trickery, without the conscious permission of authentic soul that is solely responsible for the body in the first place.


soul retrieval 1




When soul loss happens we also have to retrieve the lost parts  to become whole again. Please click this link to know more.



soul retrieval 2.jpeg



Our Experience 1

3d dog 1.jpeg

We had gone to the Animal Rescue Shelter to heal some animal beings. In one corner, lay a dog being, completely immobile. She was a young being, who had given up on life. Let’s call her “Puppy”.

Puppy’s eyes were open, but registered nothing. No food of any sort tempted her, no sound interested her. She lay in her own waste. Her breathing was shallow and slow, almost nothing.

The shelter owner was going to put her down. They tried a last ditch attempt by giving her saline.

A new sprightly dog being arose from the table. Her eyes were cold and steely. She was frisky and nippy. She gorged on food and had to be separated from the rest as she was dominating and aggressive.

NONE of the above description matches the original dog being who had given up hope of living. “ Puppy” was gentle, had kind eyes, was graceful when she moved and ate in small quantities, just nibbling at food .



Our Experience 2

3d boy in hospital 1


A case was referred to us by my friend, a young man of 18 years, was hospitalised for stomach ulcers. He was a gifted being and was channeling too. This youth was not understood by his biological family and there was constant friction in the family. The mother was a home maker and the father a businessman, hardly at home. The grandmother was the only one with a heart and she kept the family bonded and was the only emotional, moral and spiritual support to this youth.

The medicines worsened his condition, weakened his body and he went into a coma. He was being fed externally, was on a ventilator and had a urine bag attached to him.

His grandma whispered in his ears and that was his ONLY connect to the world. He did come to consciousness, however that was not the youth. This being was restless and wanted the tubes and wires out. The doctors didn’t consent to this, and the soul kept struggling to be heard. He kept making sounds in his throat and wanted the tubes out. Eventually this soul too decided to move on. The family lost the youth and the other soul that ‘switched – in’

The Walk-In Experiences are as unique as the souls involved.


The following are the characteristics of arranged switches.

  1. The switching-in  is not a casual occurrence or process. This is not possession, wherein a spirit attempts to occupy the body. It is also not channeling where a spirit enters a body for a short time to deliver a message.
  2. It is sacrosanct and permission from involved souls is needed.agreed Soul switch 1 Approval has to be granted for a switch-in to happen as a soul leaves or agrees to vacate for whatever be the duration that is being agreed for. In some cases, this is done even before the soul incarnates. The two souls agree upon a specific event in the time-line, when one will vacate the body, for the other to take over.
  3. There is also a preparation period (weeks or even months) before the event to get used to it’s new energy patterns. The vacating soul also feels the presence around them or a change in energy. It reflects in a change in personality, becoming fatigued or depressed. The soul knows on some level that their journey is at an end, and they reflect a sense of relief and completion, and may say ‘my task is finished’.
  4. The moment of switch-in can happen while the body is asleep, in meditation, an accident, illnesses or emotional trauma. The old soul leaves towards a spiritual realm and the new soul starts manifesting itself in the shell left behind. In some cases both parties are fully conscious during the process.



SOUL SWITCHING happens between


  1. Human beings
  2. Animal beings
  3. Humans beings and animal beings

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