Lessons from Life: We are all Beings!

animal beings
Which Being is having more compassion?

We had gone to an animal rescue place. A beautiful fruit grove sheltering about thirty dog beings had been picked up from the streets by a kind soul who couldn’t bear their suffering. These beings had been injured or given up for reasons such as age or infirmity. To us, being with them was like being with family.

family 2

In spite of being physically mutilated (by our kind), these beings dragged, hopped, crawled around the 2 acres of groves just hanging out with us. As we greeted them all we sensed emotional and physical wounds, some healed in front of our eyes, others started their own healing process, some others were still raw and visible. Yet, they had unlimited Love to shower on us. They licked our faces, gently nibbled on our hands, nudged our legs, stood on their legs attempting to reach for our hearts,  play gently with our shoe laces, or simply just plonk themselves by our side, sitting close to us, their bodies tightly pressed against ours. They would sigh deeply, look into our eyes, some will go to sleep as if to say, I trust you to be by me as I sleep.

Here are the pictures of four beings of the thirty animal people who accepted us as family.


Henry the dog BEING, run over by a car and left injured. His spine is damaged in such a way that he got to drag himself by his fore feet. It has also left him emotionally crippled so that he is distrustful of humans and won’t look at them.


Nora the dog being, a beautiful Belgium shepherd, deep eyes. Hit by a car and the hind leg had to be amputated



Woody again injured so badly that his hind legs are useless and he goes about on his front legs alone


When we spent time and experienced them closely we realised that the lost limbs had not hampered any of them from expressing who they were. The few that had been  suspicious of us and barked or growled on day one, accepted us gracefully after day two. We were a part of their pack.

  • Our types had hurt them, abused them, yet these beings showered us with love.
  • They gave us no indication that they wanted our sympathy or pity.
  • They didn’t pretend.
  • They ignored us, and only gave us a look if we indicated we cared about them.
  • They only wanted a pat or a kind word or simply a look.
  • It’s tough not to acknowledge their resilience.
  • They didn’t wallow in self pity.
  • When we were with them they were free of any trauma /self esteem issues. Considering that we were the predator (Bully) species that hurt them, STILL their hearts were so big that they opened out and took us in. How many of us if bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat when we were young, have put it behind and cuddled these beings at a later instance ?.
  • Our time together was magical. The sheer presence of these dog beings made us feel wanted, special, loved and that we were family.
  • We were with them, and that’s all that mattered to them. They were always in the NOW.
  • Time flew !!!!!family 1

They taught us an important lessons. We are all Mother Earth’s children and there is no difference among us in that view. Humans and animals all part of the same family. Same five elements, same soul quality, same source that watches over us.The term “Earthlings” is more appropriate for all of us.



We feel touched and moved by the complete acceptance by these beings. If they refused to approach us or showed signs of fear, we wondered on why were we were perceived untrustworthy ?. A small tail wag or relaxed look made us feel part of the pack. We  felt whole. It seems ridiculous when reading that non acceptance by an animal being can make us feel small.  Being trusted by an animal being, as it acknowledges you, then trusts you and finally accepts you…..wow…sheer bliss. It has to be felt and experienced.

The key things we experienced here were

Whats gives us joy is the experiencing of the commonality in our soul essence. We can find the same essence in other beings who have taken on other biologies. Human being, dog being, crow being, a spider being, a whale being, turtle being or a dolphin being….Matters not……there is much in common. And they seemed to have already realised this. We as a species are lagging.

Man, goat, sparrow, whale and so on…..just different shells to the same core.

animal beings1
Look what we traces we leave behind on mother Earth!!!!!!

For us to thrive, we do not have to slaughter any one else. Animal beings are beautiful and are as much a part of this planet as we are. They have equal rights on earth as we do.


They care for mother earth much more passionately than us.

Ever seen an animal being pollute the seas, rivers, land, chop down trees indiscriminately ??????

They are fellow warriors and fellow beings who are teaching us with their compassion and unpolluted unconditional Love.




Recently, the universe gave us a wonderful opportunity to rescue three kittens abandoned on a busy highway. It was only when each of them allowed us to approach them without snarling or scratching, that we felt complete and accepted. This was felt even more strongly when they began to purr and life was blissful!!!!

It was like a stamp of approval on our soul.

LESSONS to be Practiced by all of us Work In Progress  humans

The things we can all do to fit in with nature are IMG-20170602-WA0031(1) (copy)

  • Open your heart wide. (you can call it the heart chakra if you want). The result is that INTUITION will now be your guide and not your THINKING
  • We have to keep remembering, there is no telling difference between us and them. They are our soul mates walking with us in other types of bodies of various forms, shapes and sizes.
  • Develop a sense of justice. Every being has equal right to live on this earth, and that humans are in no way superior to these beings, instead they are now becoming more shallow and fake.
  • Listen with our hearts as All beings have a story to share
  • See Love is the Universal Language of INTERSPECIES Communication

This communication is an expression of Gratitude we feel to these beautiful animal beings and to the person who visualized and made it possible for these beings, a safe and comforting place where they can live their lives in dignity.




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