Is Your food EATING You?

Energy follows attention. It flows to where our attention goes. Our food will be more energised when the energy of the farmer and farm animal beings go into it from tilling till harvesting. Its only such  foods that give us energy.

say no 1Today, the majority of the food we eat  is supplied by the Food Industry. It’s a sterile environment with mainly machines processing food.

Meanwhile, Genetically Modified foods have negative energy in them and consuming these drastically alters existing energy levels.


Foods supplied by the food industry are processed, packaged, preserved, artificially flavoured & coloured. Fully laced with chemicals, this is almost equal to a DRUG! . They are energy taking, not giving. Although widely popular most people don’t ever consider or understand the spiritual consequences of consuming such foods and beveragesKeep in mind, you do not consume these foods,  these food CONSUME you !!!say no 3


say no 4
DO NOT TOUCH!!!! Beware of aggressive temper tantrums!

Children  brought up on a regular diet of supplements, baby foods, processed milk , seem to prefer packed and processed foods over veggies and grains as they grow up.

Fast foods seem to be the in-thing and teens find it easy to order a takeaway and then go to some cool place to hang in with friends, beware it is an extremely toxic zone.  We become addicted to taste and quantity, rather than enjoy and relish quality and variety of foods. This addiction feeds the lower energy vibrations and strengthens the lower self.By consuming foods and alcohol and allowing it to get into the body, it extracts the very essence of the soul, allowing the body to be more susceptible to neighboring entities most of which are of low frequencies

say no 5Your addiction is everything about you that feeds or supports the lower self or your lower being; parts of yourself that keep you aligned with a dark frequency . They are trivial moments or things that makes you feel life is thrilling. It begins with simple things like Stealing, lying, and starts leading you down to worse addictions and cravings.

Food addiction is often denied and ignored by the very people who suffer from it the most. People who choose to live out their entire lives with food addictions, slowly start to being taken over by other beings who are on a look out for a body to enjoy the worldly pleasures. They will have no real control or ownership over their own body, mind, and spirit, and become a slave of the food desire,  following the bidding of the entities. They display multiple bodily symptoms leading the medical fraternity to misdiagnosed them as having physical ailments of sorts. In extreme obesity or anorexic cases, their problems are diagnosed as being emotionally or mentally unstable.

That is why people who consume excessive amounts of food and alcohol often black out, not remembering what happened. This happens when the good soul (we were sent here with) leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate. The good soul is pushed out, and a dark entity takes charge of the body , often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage. Our bodies are like cars for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity.

So what do THESE foods do other than make us pseudo happy, Obese and sickly?


Of the many sources of energy that the body draws from air(breath), water, cosmic energy (meridians and chakras), nature, crystals, food is the most polluted form of energy source as its waste elimination process is dense matter. Waste eliminated after taking in cosmic energy  or air energy is subtle.

There is a sense of a ” High” but it dissipates soon and we are again forced to look out for the same food sources that gave us the experience. We fail to see that the negative forces are actually taking charge of our Body, Mind and eventually our Soul. We tend to move from the light to the dark. There is more dis -ease which the system gives fancy names and terms it DISEASE which asks you to put in more chemicals and energy reducing elements which stop the natural healing process of the amazing human body. Depending on the amount of processing or cooking it has undergone, it will reduce our energy and ultimately effect our healing and rejuvenation and longevity.

The See- Saw effect (Take In, Take Out)

An important energy process is when the body deals with the “balance” between the input of energy from food and the output of energy in the form of bodily functions.

obesity-cartoon-evolution-116918-600Modernization is sadly taking us further and further away from the magic of our body. We are giving our strength and our rejuvenating power to someone else. We are affirming our weakness and disease source is outside therefore someone from outside will have to remedy it. From a self reliant being, we are moving rapidly towards a system where a person outside will provide a quick fix solution to bodily issues. The luxurious five star HOSPITALS will be the best place to die among machines that give out some numbers and statistics, instead of being surrounded by loved ones and to breathe our last on the soil we were nourished by.

In certain psychological courses, advertising and the effects on humans was studied , especially  advertising for alcohol and certain fast foods. A master teacher of this subject illuminated the fact that most advertisements are embedded with hidden messages and images – not typically perceivable to the common sight, yet perceived through the subconscious. Knowing how powerful the subconscious is in our decisión making, feelings, reactions, beliefs, etc., the slick sales teams of alcohol (as well as tobacco and other products including FOODS) used this sinister technique to trick us into buying their products and joining the societal cult of mental apathy and cultural obedience. Many of these hidden messages and images were extremely sexual – working to influence some of the basest urges and primal nature of humans.

Inferences : Life Style adaptations is a MUST:

From our personal experience, we can confidently share that compared to eating our bodies are even more energized after a long cold shower, a walk in nature, meditating with crystals, spending time with pets, listening to soothing peaceful music, and simply being ourselves ( it takes a lot of energy wearing a social mask and pretending to be someone else).

This is how we EAT at our home.

Our current intake is one full meal and a light snack each day.  Typically our last meal is before sunset. We each tend to eat whenever our bodies indicate a good amount of hunger. Food is cooked and consumed immediately at these times. We also have juices or water when we are thirsty.

Note: We call the meal “FOOD” not breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Our food intake is body driven, not clock driven.

We can measure that processed foods tend to inflate our lower chakras and put us out of sync with our higher self and our purpose. We tend to draw or attract to us beings and events and emotions of lower frequency. This has made us conscious of what we buy, we have less non biodegradable or dry waste as we buy less packaged foods. we eat lots of raw veggies or partially cooked veggies with millets. Vegan diet is also helping us eliminate our need for animal products and consuming our fellow earthlings.worms

Clearly, from our experience thus far, food is NOT our main source of energy. That it is the main source, is the teaching of the matrix control system. Often, we fast from 16 hour fast to 36 hour fast with intake of only water or juices at times, we have noticed at these times, the mind is more present, we have more time in our hands and we are not bitten by mosquitoes or bugs!!!!!

We use skins of the fruits we consume or blended tomato, or vinegar and hibiscus leaves to rinse our hair. For our skin, we use mustard powdered and mixed with little turmeric and oil, or some legumes blended and applied on skin.

As a tooth cleaning agent, from the kitchen a few aromatic spices and a pinch of salt blended together makes a delicious toothpowder that can be safely eaten. We have noticed that after using this powder, our eyes and ears are also cleared of blocks.  The eyes feel fresh and cool.

When beings come to us with a DIS– Ease, we ask them to fast and they also notice healing is quickened, and body comes to normalcy in a short span of time. So consuming food when we are emotionally low, when we are sick, having low energy, are recuperating from an illness , will have the reverse effect of tiring us. The body is using more energy  to digest than use it to energise the whole system.

If you have met with an accident or there is dis – ease mentally or emotionally, leave the body alone. Let it heal. Till we feel really hungry do not eat. Let the energy be used for maintenance rather then digestion.

In reality, given that we are beings of unlimited potential and with our body’s amazing powers to cleanse, balance and restore it’s own energetic levels, we quickly realise that food is but a very small source of energy for our systems. It has more entertainment value and is not as much a necessity as its being made out to be.

These two ants sum up the truth

'I used to be able to carry up to fifty times my body weight, but now, for some reason, it's down to ten times...'
‘I used to be able to carry up to fifty times my body weight, but now, for some reason, it’s down to ten times…’



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