Lessons from Life – Regaining and Becoming “ONE”self


Ever since I was a child, I have always loved reading. In my teens, I enjoyed the MAD magazine series, especially the work of cartoonist Sergio Aragonés. He made me look at things differently.



This was a Sergio series that made me contemplate on the dark aspects of life.

The contemplation was short lived and I quickly concluded that the twisted aspects that Sergio chose to depict were the result of the dark side within all beings (human and animal) and that this was easily remedied by a high moral code of discipline, prayer and spiritual goodness.

I realise today that I was not very accurate in my understanding at that time and was  nowhere close to visualizing or knowing what really lurks in the Hearts of men and wo-men!  Or is it in minds of men and wo-men!   Or in the souls of men and wo-men ?   Or all of it?

Am sharing at this time, two cases of deviant behaviour which may be typically judged as abnormal social behavior driven by psychological stress.

Case no 1

In the recent years, my partner and I counseled a youth of 16 years. His earliest memory was an  experience of discomfort related to thoughts about his own skin colour (he had a darkish complexion) AND he hated that aspect about himself.

Following this,  he listed other of his own behaviors and patterns which he said left him very confused, feel unwanted and lost, raised questions as to what he was doing here on this planet and who he really was.

He said that he ate frequently, in huge quantities, yet he was wiry in his build.  He had  uncontrollable desires to drive vehicles (any vehicle), so much so, he would approach friends & even strangers to borrow their vehicles …”just to drive around the block”. It surprised him that people simply handed over the keys so easily. He liked driving fast, as speed thrilled him.

He disliked art, reading and sports. He was most comfortable playing video games, seeing movies and watching telly (It was ON all the time at his home).

He loved to  bully his younger sister, mother and other small kids. He liked irritating them and making them cry. He frequently scared them. He disliked school when it enforced discipline and made him take tests.

He liked hanging out with companions who are seemingly powerful (physically) because the use of violence and bad language was exciting.  He liked heroes who smoked and drank on screen as it seemed cool, and he didn’t mind trying it out himself.

On occasion he consumed small quantities of alcohol, and now he wanted to experience the larger  high and retain it for longer periods. He is keen to try other stimulants too. He has frequent mood swings and depression.

His behavior has been the reason for his family’s  social isolation & they are seldom invited to local gatherings. AND, if the invite does come to a party or a wedding the parents leave him behind.

This makes him feel rejected and unloved. He feels the sister enjoys all the attention and good food.

Case no 2

We once had a guest and the guest had a cat that shared our living space for a few weeks.

  • It was a small cat by most standards.
  • It would constantly look at a corner of the ceiling in the living room and mew / snarl.
  • It only ate fish and meat and disliked bread and vegetarian foods, needed half a liter of milk after every meal.
  • It consumed about half a kilo of food at a given time and demanded to be fed two to three times a day.
  • It would quickly swing between a loving purring cat to a hissing scratching one for no apparent reason.
  • It attracted kids quickly by being extremely friendly, and then suddenly it will become aloof or nippy leaving the kids confused and even scared.
  • The most stark behavior that it exhibited was whenever our guest was out of the house, it would never go into the room by itself.  Even if we put it in there, it came out running & hissing with it’s back arched, pupils dilated, tail puffed and swishing. This was really strange.
  • We attempted this multiple times and every time we tried to push it into the guest room, it was the same reaction.
  • At times the cat chewed on our shoes, clothes, the mats while leaving it’s owner’s things untouched.
  • It seemed mortally afraid of the owner, yet was devoted and followed wherever and whenever it was allowed to do so!!
  • There was an unexplained bad smell that left the house the moment they both left. We felt our home become lighter and  some heaviness and discomfort leave us as well.
  • Our guest was a frequent user of drugs and channeled dark forces (which we found out later).
  • Our guest also practiced an art form which opened portals that allowed dark energies into spaces, vehicles and other beings.

This brings us to the topic of this written work


shadow 3


shadows 3



The human body with limbs, head, hair nails etc ie the physical body as we typically tend to see, is not the real us. It’s just a mask.

OUR REAL SELFAura Human Energy

The I am Presence, is the biology, enveloped by the aura ( an energy field that connects us and protecting us from the different energies around) containing the energy bodies and the astral / mental (subtle) bodies. The entire I AM presence is our energy, potential and power (Soul). We often refer to this as Our System.

This visible reality that we experience is just a small part of the energy spectrum (ie only what our senses allow us to experience). However, all around us are a host of other intelligent and not so intelligent energies, which cannot be seen very easily by our senses, except by psychics. These beings and energy forms have different agendas, play a different game and potentially can be of a  different level of consciousness. We will call these beings “entities”. These entities range from lower level  entities (fear based) to higher level entities  (love based) entities.

damaged chakras etheric body - 1

  • All beings of the light in various biologies (human, animal and plant) are impacted by entities.
  • What makes it easy are the gaps we have in our energy bodies / Aura

Our System’s breakup – How it happens

ONE (Trauma)

  • Whenever a person decides that an experience they have had is traumatic (beyond the bearable threshold they have defined for themselves) , a specific part of our core essence splinters off and separates from the main system. This is so as to avoid trauma of the experience. It believes that more such occurrences will happen. So, it decides to places itself in a safe locality (another level of reality). Typically these are other subtler (Astral) dimensions.
  • These separated parts are meant to rejoin once they have taken the needed break. They may choose remain in the other dimension as they fear that the being may re-attract the same experience. The absence our own parts, leads to an incomplete energy body with many gaps and holes.


It is just so when we sleep. Most of our core essence is taking a break from its attachment to our biology.

These holes are further accentuated by lower emotions

  1. Shame
  2. Guilt
  3. Fear and
  4. Use of synthetic drugs / alcohol.

These events that trigger off such baser emotions mostly happen through trickery such as thought projections…. making us believe that it is ours. A lot of it happens even before our biology is born into our outside world. This is our systemic loss. This is a handicap. Parts of our core essence go missing. Non-benevolent energies frequently enter our Authentic Energetic self through the holes. These body-less energies need a human host to fulfill their desires / tasks.


We live in a sea of energy. It surrounds us all the time. This is very different from our own energy or energy that we get from the cosmos, sun, wind or sea, crystals and so on.

Narrowing down, we live in our home. Our home is our personal real-estate closest to us. We have to take care of our home. If we abandon our home, it is very likely that trespassers will take over or else nature will.

Kolmanskop namibia
Kolmanskop Namibia
Eilean Donan Castle
Abandoned Mill Sorrento Italy



Ice House Kissavos – Greece

Look at the accompanying pictures. In the universe no place is untouched.  Abandoned places are claimed by others…slowly but surely and will be filled by something else (sand, ivy).Likewise, the soul inhabits the body (biology). If pieces of the soul go missing and stop occupying and taking care of the biology, they will soon be inhabited by foreign energies.

soul attach

Spirits forms attach to hosts because it gives them a body to occupy, an energy or soul (life force) to feed off of, and a way to live. As they are unwilling to pass over, they continue to fulfill their physical desires and addictions through another more complete system that has lowered it’s frequencies (guard ?).

These entities do not have any growth / learning purpose of their own. Their only job is to pursue a desire. Like machines (Robots) They keep switching hosts to achieve this.

facesSuch spirit entities are often captured by black magicians and by other Dark beings born / arising out of dark consciousness (lacking light). Then as a deliberate ploy they are deployed into the systems of unsuspecting light beings (hosts …plants, animals, humans) leading to subverted experiences that hijack the authentic soul’s journey and entrap it in unwanted (tricked into karma. )The host is now into doing destructive actions and blocking their own spiritual evolution.

Dark entities are more attracted to those who resonate at their own frequency (lower level). They believe in the collective and their strength comes in numbers. These attachments, strengthen the dark aspects already present in the host and use it for manipulating or tricking more and more light aspects to become dark within the host as well as other beings with light.

The more the attachments, the faster the soul weakens. In the energy world, LIKE attracts LIKE. The host begins to attract more and more people with negative patterns, ie power stealing, energy vampires and so on all of whom have lower frequencies.

Thinking and emotions are now not authentic, unconscious habit patterns form, addictions happen and the Original Soul mission is taken over and LOST.

Proof for all of this can be had if one learns how to dowse for energies.

With this loss of identity, the once light soul starts becoming a dark soul.

The parasitic Cuckoo bird is the best example I can share here. The common cuckoo species  parasitizes a wide variety of hosts. The females  lay eggs in the nest of other  birds. Her chicks incubate faster than the host’s eggs, post hatching they then kill the brood of the host by throwing the maturing eggs out. If the host nestlings are smaller than the parasite nestling, the host nestlings  are, either ejected from the nest or killed with the cuckoo’s sharp beaks.

What is your dark side or shadow side

All predictable aspects of yourself, the daily routines, mannerisms, thoughts, feelings, the way you see and interact with life, spiritual/energetic health, beliefs and internal agendas, lifestyle habits and personality …. ALL OF THAT WHICH ARISE FROM FEAR / GUILT / SHAME (driven by a NEED TO PROTECT / AVOID) are all parts of your dark side.

Your dark side or shadow are those parts of your self that are unhealed, unloved, unprotected, victimized,stolen, many a times we can’t see them.




we make in our minds and then project it out to the world. Its also a story told to you about you by others and also what you tell yourself. All of that is not quite true, it is nowhere near the “real you”. It is but a simple resultant of the social programming in a mind based world. It is all planning and precision. The bigger your dark side,  the more demons, dark entities and lost spirits have something to feed on.

Irrespective of your faith , religion or spiritual path  we all have a dark side (from small, trivial or harmless to big). Seemingly harmless addictions such food, phone messaging, facebook and so on create great drops in our vibration. These are the doorways for demons and dark forces.

 Your dark side is typically parts of yourself you have refused to bring into the light (OPEN Scrutiny, transparency, trusting), they are therefore ‘dark’. What is dark? The opposite of love (ie…lack of trust, separation).


Once the soul weakens and takes on lower vibrations, the entities will  jump in from the surroundings to fill the gaps. Entities also move between hosts. Typically, the following actions will transfer these energies from ONE host to another:

  1. Talking
  2. Touching
  3. Hugging
  4. Visiting highly infested environments (hospitals, malls,  casinos, bars..and so on)
  5. They also transfer to us when we watch certain movies, view certain art works / hoardings / advertisements / posters, listen to certain types of music, follow certain writings in the media, electronic devices and so on.
  6. Entities also transfer between things (clothes, phones, books, jewelry, food items…. the list is almost endless) and places (homes, specific rooms, monuments).

The more we come in contact, with infested  people / places / things  the more the possibility of entity transfer. They jump off of people who have multiple entities attached to them and they jump into new people who are “clear”, but who have created an opening or doorway for them to access.

Least known and even if known… not very well understood are Entity attachments through sex.


Sex is an activity involving physical interaction ,pleasure, an exchange that opens and connects beings in an energetic and spiritual level. It is important to choose the correct people who you want to open yourself to on that level because of the connection between the energy fields (aura). You will be making a choice to allow or invite, pick up or absorb into yourself entities or demons or anything else that is attached within the sexual partner’s energy field.

What we term “Sex” is not only the physical activity, but also the watching of sexual acts, pornography, fantasizing, talking about it, reading about it, joking about it, viewing & sharing images on facebook whats app or other media, phone sex, all these are aspects that  allow transfer of dark energies.

soul attach2

Just because the common person is not aware of this does not mean they do not exist.We recognize the presence of entities as they will show up as emotional, mental, energetic or physical problems. Such attachments are found in all people including the many so called priest class and modern day spiritual Gurus. These attachments do not want to lose the control over the host, so they will try to keep the host away from people and energetic spaces in fear of someone finding and attempting to remove them.

  1. No new age practice can remove such entities. Examples being going to high energy places, prayers, yoga, Veganism, sports and exercising. This needs a separate type of treatment.


Our modern world is grossly ignorant of how the soul functions. We continue to engage with trauma and go through our entire lives missing large fragments of our own energy, power and soul. Spiritual sickness is a result of Systemic Loss. Once our soul connection is damaged, we become weak.soul retrieval

Within ourselves, we feel

  1. Something big is missing. There is an empty feeling in the heart, there is compulsive behaviour patterns, addictions develop
  2. We feel we don’t belong here. We feel we don’t fit in to events, places or with people, we feel like a stranger
  3. We are unable to get over things. Patterns repeat over and over, we are unable to let go , we cannot get over issues or people, physical possession and need for security develops. Chronic illness or wasting illness happens.

 WHAT IS meant by becoming WHOLE ?

Simply calling getting back all our lost parts from the realms where they have gone and hidden themselves. We protect ourselves by staying an empowered individual on an energetic level.  It is being “whole” spiritually and energetically and not missing any soul fragments. We need to get the pieces back from those that have deliberately stolen this from us.

Many shamans across world cultures have previously known about soul retrieval, which was usually done within a few days of the soul loss. Systemic loss was seen as the main cause of spiritual illness . If they noticed the symptoms of systemic loss in any member of the community, they call back the soul fragments and the person would then start to heal.

free spiritThe wholeness is returned to the being, this way the energies are balanced and frequency is raised. The being regains its self confidence and the attachments lose power over the host slowly.  In the end  the host is fully cleansed. Our original being is the very essence of our Prime creator. This jump in energy and vibrations helps by not opening new doors/doorways for entities to come in. Staying with their older lifestyle and not accepting their role in letting these entities in is the same as inviting them back yourself.

This write up is the result of coming across writing  experiences of many shamans and people who do Entity Clearings. In all of this, we feel the writing / explanation given by Peter Michael are the closest to our understanding.








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