W.E.I.G.H.T (Waste Elimination is Good Health on Time) – Part Two

Look again closely again at your W.E.I.G.H.T  (as defined above)


With normal powers of observation

See w.e.i.g.h.t simply as an abbreviation

“Waste Elimination Is Good Health on Time”

Definitely not a diseased state, for any known reason or rhyme

To see this, we need to be no expert on Phagocytes

Peek within, and you will get on this, clear insights

For there are so many different types of waste,

Mostly what the body does not like to taste,

Such as chemicalized medicines mostly bitter,

Which the body only considers as litter,

Not truths, I am afraid, we will find on Twitter.

Eating or drinking things in hurry and haste,

Is for our all knowing body, sheer and utter waste,

Its not just excess and untimely food

That is not good

Its also thoughts unwanted

Systems unwarranted

Un-evolved social norms

Of all sizes shapes and forms

Always better to defy

Belief systems and Truths you cannot yourself verify

By our firmness alone, some will rectify

Honor thyself, for the only relevant truth is your experience

Not the popular truths gurus spread on our expense

The gurus include the so called scientific establishment

Which has still to understand the human body since its advent

Ask them if they can with their technology

Manufacture blood of quality

As does our body’s biology

Everyday, Every moment from everything nutritious and junk,

That we mindlessly in our systems dunk

Ask yourself

Has any drug that’s off the shelf

In the last 50 years cured anybody of anything ?

Yet this industry thrives in the global economic ring

Leaves me feeling much sadness

As the very definition of madness

Is doing the same thing again and again

Hoping for different results to gain

My heart reaches out to those who are still in a bind

They have adopted a view that remains willfully blind

When will you awaken I have many times mused

The past reactions I have seen, have mostly left me bemused.

Stay by your body’s side

For it is your greatest guide

Its truth if you deride

You’ll find life has left you aside

After all its in your body that you reside

“I have a soul” feels small and is a parody,

After all, it’s for YOU to say “I have a body”.

The Truths about W.E

Ask them how we may retain our once wonderful health

While upon us attack many unknown diseases, all by stealth

See them look at each other, up, down, sideways and start to blink

This my dears should wake us all up and make us think.


W.E   A.R.E   S.T.U.P.I.D

Waste Elimination  Awareness & Rational Education


Science, Theory & Understanding of Popularly Identified Diseases.

Every cell is extremely intelligent. It knows what to keep within itself and it knows what to throw out. (How it throws out things and eliminates / breaks down unwanted material is separately listed in this post Na-Ma-S-Te – Nature’s Magical Sustainable Technology – Microzyma   Bions & Somatids.)

To get new matter in, old matter needs to be thrown out first. Hence, the body (50 Trillion Cells Collective / Community) will generate and communicate hunger only when its Waste Elimination functions are reasonably (optimally ?) complete. So, if the body is not hungry and we end up eating anyways (for social reasons, entertainment or clock based reasons such as”Oops it is lunch time”) the following scenario results.

  1. The body is a sub-optimized or less than par state with respect to waste elimination. The reason for this may be several, however to keep it simple, we may understand that there has not been enough energy and/or time to eliminate all the waste from the system.
  2. At this time, when we send in more material, this material has no place to go. Also, the body now needs even more energy to process / digest this new material that has been sent in. For most parts this new material is then treated by the body as more waste material and it refuses to treat it as nutrition (this is natural design). Nutrition is not just about quality…its also about TIMING. Timing, that which is in alignment with the community of 50 Trillion.
  3. The below table is a commonsensical representation of the distribution of energy within the body.
Functional Energy Digestive Energy Maintenance Energy
Voluntary Actions Assimilation of new material that comes in through the lungs, skin, mouth, ears, eyes and nose. Cell repair




Talking….and so on

The body eats not just with the mouth but through all its cells. Energy balancing
Involuntary Actions Cell reproduction
Respiration, Metabolism,

Endocrine System

Nervous System

Immune System
Waste Elimination

Each energy type borrows from its friends when in need. After a very heavy meal when the body feels it needs energy to digest the meal, most folks will feel like resting or even sleeping. At this time Digestive energy starts to override Voluntary Functional Energies and also Cell repair and healing for as long as it can go. This is the system attempting to get back to balance and equilibrium after the HEAVY EATING made it lose it normal steady state. Likewise, when the body is wounded and needs maximum energy for healing, we will not feel very hungry at these times.

Hence the normal and optimal energy utilization in the body, Waste Elimination is very key.

Take a look at any popular disease. It will always be when the body is getting rid of waste material or unwanted energy. Matter is nothing but condensed energy. Body getting rid of phlegm is typically associated with lung infections (colds). Body burning waste material from all its cells (Fever). Body vomiting out things after food poisoning. Or a case of stomach trouble after the same food poisoning. All of them are various Waste Elimination processes. When a person is identified as being diabetic, its again unwanted glucose (Note : This is bad quality glucose which no lab report will tell you) which the body is getting rid off.

Going further, the only thing we need to do to get rid of the so called disease is to ALLOW it. What we would then be actually doing is allowing the body’s natural waste elimination to complete and fulfill its function. Some of the current day practices entail the following

  1. Having a sneezing fit….take some medicines. (By stopping the sneezing with drugs we are keeping so unwanted energy and material within the body)
  2. Having a fever (the body has carefully raised the temperature of its cell to burn waste material, pass them trough the circulatory system and then breath them out or eliminate them as sweat, urine and so on)..take some medicines. Stopping the fever again is interfering with the body’s W.E process.

What can we do to aid the body and align with it instead of going against it ?

Why not increase the correct energy in the body (maintenance energy) so that waste elimination processes get more energy to finish their job on time and as early as possible. Traditional energy based systems (Homeopathy, Classical Acupunture un-influenced by defunct modern body science, Medical Qi-Gong, Siddha, Unani and other herbal systems). Modern energy medicine practices are now emerging that use the same principles.


The below are some of many quotes / articles and links that you may explore and investigate to understand how your body’s WE works.

Dr. George C. Crile

“80% of my patients were well just after doing my thorough bowel cleansing program.”

(Richard Schulze, ND, MH)

Dr. Schulze is one of the foremost authorities in the world on natural healing and herbal medicine. He holds a Doctorate in Herbology from the School of Natural Healing and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Dr. Schulze also holds a degree in Herbal Pharmacy and degrees in Iridology. He is certified in eight different styles of ” body therapy” and has three black belts in the martial arts. Dr. Schulze has written numerous research papers on the topics of Botanical Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and the making of herbal preparations.’

Other Professionals that have commented on WE


“Get checked for hypothyroidism, especially if you’re a woman over 40. Constipation is one of the hidden symptoms of hyopothyroidism.”


Joseph Mercola, DO

“If the sewer system in your home is backed up, your entire home is affected. Should it be any different with your body?”


Norman Walker, DSc

The root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and is exacerbated by daily exposure to a toxic living environment. “The colon is the gateway to health or disease.”

Edward F Group III, DC, ND author The Green Body Cleanse


“Prior to the 1950s it was quite common for an enema to be administered to any patient arriving at a hospital, as it sets the foundation for rejuvenation by removing toxic debris.”

Dr. David Jubb


Constipation can undermine the whole body, including the immune system, and it is now known that irregular bowel movements can be directly related to serious health conditions as well as emotional issues such as depression.”
Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, HHP, CH



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