Our full and complete selves – The LIGHT body

light body 3.jpg
A schematic of how our light bodies may look. We have challenges bringing our light bodies down to ourselves on planet earth, It needs more work and knowledge to do this.

The understanding of the light body has been gone from humans for a very long time. Our light body is the vehicle with which we can experience higher consciousness and is used to move between dimensions and incarnate into different bodies in the many other material realms.


On physical earth, the Light body fails to incarnate properly due to the following.

  1. Currently prevalent abnormal maturation
  2. Missing practices required light body activation to occur.


In the astral realms the barriers are as follows

  1. Our collective unconscious. The negativity on earth big and it results in the disconnectedness with the light body.
  2. Our current mental and emotional conditioning
  3. The individual’s state of confusion and low vibration due to the above.

light body 4

The light body includes

  1. The Column,
  2. The Chakra’s
  3. The Merkaba.



We need to start on how we can know ourselves (full and true selves) experientially.

How many incarnations on earth have we had ?

Have we had lives on other planets ?

What is the nature of our soul ?

How are we multi-dimensional ?

Our emotional conditioning is stored in our astral body. Without actively clearing this layer the light body cannot be activated and incarnated. For this reason those who wish to achieve spiritual transformation must be familiar with the techniques for this purpose.

Past Life Regression is an excellent way to do this and its use is strongly recommended before beginning on the light body activation practices you will find here. Also  techniques that will raise the vibration of the physical and clear out blockages and related issues.

Usually, for successful activation of the light body, a little help is needed from some benevolent  beings who reside in a higher dimension. These beings are activators of such light structures and their help can speed up your spiritual transformation immensely. As they reside in a higher dimension they can activate your light structures easily which for you alone can be very hard. Due to the disconnection from higher dimensions most humans cannot feel their light body let alone activate its structures and bring them into the body. For this reason these beings will help in the initial stages by activating your light body and helping you to become aware of it and gain control over it yourself. Once a certain level is reached you will no longer require these beings help (although they will always be there for you) as you will have full control over your light body.

Another practice is the Kundalini activation. Activation of both earth and body Kundalini, clearing out blockages and allowing for the grounding of the light body. By awakening the Kundalini the etheric and physical bodies are healed and strengthened to an enormous degree.



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