Lessons from Life : Eyes

Eyes reveal much. By looking into the eyes we can know what is happening within.

By looking at the eyes any human being can easily tell what emotions are being expressed without needing to look at the rest of the face. This is true wherever you maybe on this planet, a city-being, a tribal, a plains person, a mountain person or a rural person. Eye Expressions are observed in every society. Job, gender, religion, social class, community have limited bearing. This has got nothing to do with social strata.

The Eyes reveal the tiniest of changes happening in the body and in the attitude of a being. Most people are unaware of this, but if you are an skillful, alert and a people person, you can easily get a hint of what is happening within. You cannot literally read the other’s mind, but you can get an insight of the feelings of the person that we are in contact with.

If the person is a trained professional energy worker ( healer,therapist, martial arts practitioner, trained security personnel (Police, CIA, FBI etc), a monk or a con man it gets more difficult. These beings have worked on themselves and created a certain aura around themselves that usually does not reveal their inner turbulence / changes.

They have eyes

  1. That invite you to them or
  2. Eyes that push you away.
  3. They can also have eyes with veils, that one is unable to detect even a sliver of emotion.

eyes a


A monk or an energy worker is a positive being that is moving towards being centered, being in the present and not allowing to be swayed to extremes by the vagaries of life. If one looks deeply into their eyes, its deep, peaceful and radiates peace. Its innocent and inviting.

A con man/woman however is also highly aware and present, but his skill is more of a deception as he is the best reader of human beings and knows the weakest being that he can go and attach himself to and con them. His eyes are cold and unflinching, its a gaze you are uncomfortable in and want to look away. At this time these eyes are the means that he will use to speak the loudest even louder than his voice and words.

The person caught up in the social drama of day to day existence, has shallow eyes and if we look within, we find the the soul is gone, there is just a shell, no life within. They are a robot playing their scripted role in the matrix. A haunted animal, always on the lookout for security, unaware that comfort / security is like a mist ( transparent and slipping away from right between the fingers)

How can eyes reveal somebody’s thoughts and feelings?

expressions 4
We cannot read other people’s minds, but we can read emotions of the person we are talking to very well and thus guess what he or she might be thinking about.”

We can discover, for ourselves if, he/she trying to make up “a story for us”, is he/she really saying what is on their mind or is he/she thinking about what to say, is the topic of our conversation evoking his/her memories, would he/she rather be with somebody else, somebody from the past, than with us here and now… We can make these conclusions, yet no matter how much eyes reveal, we are not capable of reading other people’s minds. If somebody wants to lie to you, and not to be honest, if he or she is skillful in it, he/she will probably do it. Even though we are being lied to, the truth is deep down our soul knows and gives us an indication. If we honor ourselves, then its a choice we make if we allow the con to continue and play along or be true to oneself and stop the con.

What are the different ways in which eyes communicate?

There are many things we can read from the eyes. Sparkling eyes show strong emotions, positive ones which reflect happiness, surprise, triumph and victory.

Narrowed eyes indicate suffering and pain and at times it also means concentration, while widely opened eyes serve to intimidate.

Unfocused look indicates that the person we are talking to has “wandered off” in his/her thoughts and is not paying attention to us. A look lowered down is connected to shyness or avoiding conversation, a sign of modesty or servitude, and maybe of shame.

Blinking reveals secrecy and it is the most powerful means of attracting other people’s attention and desire to share a secret.”

Eye changes are actually connected with our unconscious moves, I have personally seen the following while interacting with animals and children like

  • the widening of the pupils indicates interest in us.
  • looking away shows the change of the attention focus.
  • eyes contact, indicate interest, shyness or fright ( especially in animals, they will stare unblinkingly at you , then react based on the slightest body movement of yours, including loud breathing).
  • Eye signals also reveal what the person is thinking, i.looking up and to the right, is when we are most probably thinking about future. But if the look is lowered down and to the right, it means we are thinking about what we are going to say. ii.If our look goes to the side, then we are trying to think of an answer, or to try to remember an event from the past. (children do this a lot when they do not know the answer and are a conjurer  creating one up out of thin air)iii. When we think about what happened yesterday or some time earlier, our eyes are looking up left, while looking down left indicates recalling about our own feelings.”

Eyes are a paradox, they speak volumes, and yet can be unwelcoming and closed. But we can not deny, they do tend to reflect the quality of the soul many a times.

Eyes speak volumes of the person within the body

1. Fear

  • The brow line is raised and drawn together .
  • The upper eyelids are raised.
  • The lower eyelids are tensed and raised.
  • The mouth is open and the lips are drawn back horizontally toward the ears.

2. Disgust

  • The nose is wrinkled.
  • The upper lip is raised.
  • The brow line is lowered and tensed.

3. Surprise

  • The brow line is raised and curved.
  • The eyes are widened.
  • The mouth gapes with no tension.

4. Contempt

  • One side of the mouth is raised, similar to a smirk.

5. Happiness

  • The cheeks are raised.
  • Crow’s feet appear on the outside of the eyes.
  • The eye muscles are engaged.
  • The teeth are usually exposed.

6. Sadness

  • The jaw comes up.
  • The corners of the lips go down.
  • The upper eyelids droop.
  • The eyes appear blank. 

7. Anger

  • The lips are pursed.
  • The eyes have a hard glare.
  • The brow line is lowered and pulled together.



jhonny depp
The eyes say it all!!!!!

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