Healing! What happens behind the scene

Whenever Healing happens it makes a positive impact on

  1. The physical body
  2. The mind

and also the Soul

What is the Soul ?

It is our personal power.

  1. Its an energy field that is the pure awareness , the “I am” presence feeling. It is the life spark that brings in awareness and consciousness
  2. It is etheric and astral at the sametime.
  3. Its like a thoughtform.
  4. It can exist apart from the physical body. The body feeling the “ALIVENESS” is due to the soul.
  5. Every soul has its own unique purpose.
  6. The earth school is one of the many realms where the soul is attempting to discover its true essence.
  7. For most parts, it tends to lose itself in the maze of conditionings that the mind involves itself in — (social, religious, popular media, financial and economical)

What is the Mind ?

  1. The mind is a non-physical information processing element (Cannot be touched, seen, smelt, felt, has no weight).
  2. It’s a medium (interface) between the being (us) and our environment.
  3. The mind is the interpreter and translator of your reality. Imagine you are traveling in a foreign country and need a translator for
    lost in translation - 1.png
    How good is your mind as a translator ?

    everything you do. You need to be able to trust your translator a 100%. If we have a rogue translator, you can imagine the trouble we would all be in.

  4. Our minds determine our reality and our perceptions. Its a double edged blade.
  5. It’s the part (module ?) that is associated with human consciousness, feelings and emotions. The mind can manifest another world/reality and misguide the soul into believing that imaginary world, to be true.
  6. Our state of mind is crucial to our experience.
  7. Suffering and peace depends on the mind’s quality. Our bondage / freedom wavers depending on the pendulum swinging nature of the mind which is constantly moving between the past and the future and is rarely PRESENT.

Experiencing and Being fully in the present, that is freedom.  However, the wandering mind hijacks the Soul’s experience, but creating virtual realities.  Staying present is an important skill to learn for the modern human. Breathing and meditation have an interesting role to play here.

chakra meridians and auric field
We have many bodies beyond just the BIOLOGY which we have learnt to identify. Its time we learnt about the rest of ourselves.

Our physical body is enveloped by an aura AND other invisible bodies

Healing  happens to the physical body and these other invisible bodies

Invisible to the human eye, in our etheric and physical bodies, are energy channels known as Meridians. They are constantly channeling energy in and around the physical body.

chakras - 1.gif
The 7 Major Chakras and their influences

Major and minor chakras are whirling energy systems that draw in energy from  the Cosmos.

These 7 main energy centers in the body as in the figure are known as chakras. Each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths.

When we have a physical discomfort, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior. When we release this blocked or often stale energy from the body, it can undo any tightness, stiffness, or malfunction of that area.

Note : This is a two-way street. If there are certain apprehensions, fears and emotions we are holding on to, we will experience them as  physical restrictions, too. If you have aches or stiffness, or certain recurring emotions and fears, read along and you may find out which chakra is affected or blocked.

After reading this, you may feel that more than one chakra is imbalanced or blocked. This is because when one is blocked, the other chakras begin to compensate and either become overactive or under active. You may want to cleanse, balance and energize these energy centres. If you so wish, we can do that for you for a small service fee. For details click here.

Our light bodies are visible and measurable.
An artist’s view of our full bodies

We are beings of light, whole and luminous. However, if not used / worked on correctly, our  light body can malfunction. To know more about our light bodies click here.

Some malfunctions are listed below


cords - 2
This is a depiction of how cords happen and how they influence our energies. If you lose energy your frequency drops, lending us to lower experiences. (To read more on vibrations and our personal well being  please click here)

To know more about cords click here.

Blocked meridians

meridians with clock - 1.gif
The Chinese documented much of these over 5000 years ago. These understandings correspond pretty well with the Siddha systems, the Nadi systems and the Chakras as envisaged by the ancient Indian cultures. The interesting part is that all of this knowledge was synthesised (knowingness and inner vision).  This knowledge about the Meridians  did not come through any analytical reasoning (ie the typical REDUCTIONISTIC APPROACH where we break down a large problem into many small ones, solve the smaller problems individually,  then put all the smaller solutions together, in the hope that, the resultant big hotch-potch (stitched together) solution maybe the potential answer to the big problem which we started off with…and it usually never is).

Malfunction in Chakras.

There are many instruments that have helped us measure the energetic bodies. Kirlian Cameras in the 1950s, The modern day GDVs. Readers, if you have the interest and the inclinations  please do check out Harry Oldfield’s inventions.

Attachments of negative EMF’s and Entities

damaged chakras etheric body - 1.jpeg
A typical representation of what happens to our energy bodies (Aura) when we are infested with negative emfs and entities.

These are things/energies that we let into our etheric/astral bodies knowingly / unknowingly

To learn more about entities please click here

Food (What we eat is what we become)

This is one more very important  way by which things get in.

  • Low Prana food
  • Processed food and Junk food
  • Stale food
  • Food cooked by a person when under the influence of negative energies
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Eating with your cell phone on your body or watching television at the same time
  • Thinking about the office or worrying about something while eating

All these tend to distort the bodies natural rhythms and bring down our frequency. The lower chakras are operating strongly. Food is more of entertainment and less of a necessity. Drugs and medical prescriptions are also toxic for the body and cause the same result.

To know more of on the influence of food on our vibrations click here.

Social Programming

Everything about who and what we are are that which has been told to us.

Our bodies are temporary / impermanent. We are THAT which has occupied the biology (body) at this time. We do not have a SOUL. We are the SOUL.

SOUL = Your personal power. Its sheer awareness.  Unseen, all powerful, can be felt / experienced from within.

You are a male. You are a female. You are American. You are young. You are weak.  All of this is is Programming / conditioning done to us by society and family. Its a very limited truth only. The more limited truths you submerge yourself in, the more limited you become.

Social programming channel our minds to think and act in stereotypical manner making sure we STAY GOOD GUYS and GALS. Deep within you is a small voice, that keeps reminding you to refrain from putting on these masks. However so deeply ingrained, widely prevalent and entrenched the program is, it suppresses the true you and creates a fake social machine in an auto pilot mode.

Phew…..All the emotions and the varied drama it plays out —– There is  no need for me to elaborate this…..please go watch a movie / a TV Soap to get the picture!!!!.

Given so many hidden influences…..what then is happening during a healing process ?

Is there any healing really taking place?

Is it a play of the mind in the Matrix/ Society????

Are there tools for healing?

Do we really need them?

Who then is a true Healer ?

The physical body is made of cells. Cells are made of atoms. Atoms are 99.99% empty space. We are a extremely “light” (EMPTY)  not at all solid as it seems.

Healing is simply the removal of the veil soul’s true eye (inner vision and knowing). . . FOR, there can be no permanent block in the physical body as it is empty, there can be none in the invisible bodies as they are flowing too

So healing has to be the removal of the programming, once the programme is gone, the awareness expands and energy flows again!!!!

Who is a true healer?

A true healer is a Magician or to put it in aenergy-from-hands-4 better way a person who makes miracles. They know that disease is just a soul programme so a healer releases the program from the soul, this release can happen in a jiffy or take a lifetime or many more.

Healing is the responsibility  of the being which is seeking release from the disease. Its the readiness of the being to change itself from within. Its taking accountability for oneself.

In most forms of healing work, the healer is better connected to source and manages to induce that same connection to being seeking healing, albeit temporarily.  After this, it becomes the responsibility of the being to keep their personal connect going strong.

Is there any healing really taking place?

YES and NO.

Healing is the re-connection to source and removal of hindering unwanted programs


yet, there is no healing happening as the being already knows everything. Especially, how to reconnect, how to remove blocks but is often delaying / refusing to take accountability due to fear / doubts created by misplaced self belief, self worth as a result of the programming of the society. At this time the being has very limited awareness.

  1. The earth matrix is a virtual reality.
  2. Disease of any sort is a block in one of our 7 bodies.

Are there tools for healing? Do we really need them?









May all be magical invisible reconnecting keys. They are just aids. However not mandatory or necessary. In the absence of the above, bring your awareness to the now, LET GO (of all bonds material and immaterial) and pooof !!! gone are the diseases !! So what does one got to do to be free of the blocks and stay connected to self and higher self ? This is easily said and understood as a concept. However, its much hard work and practice.

SIMPLY BE !!! There should be no mind work. Your entire experience is sensual and that of the senses at the moment. chakras and sacred geometry

Too complicated ? Tough to understand ? Here is a simple but slightly  long explanation

  • Be aware all the time

  • Follow your heart and Listen ONLY to your heart

  • Live in gratitude for all the wonderful moments of soul awakening, it can happen through plants , animals, people, books, things, invisible beings, miracles, nature . . . list is endless

  • Forgive, forgive, and keep forgiving. Yourself first and then all others ….quickly…no holding on

  • Recognize that everything is in a flow, so let go of things ,people and spaces , you do not possess anything BODY you say?  Well after death its no longer yours!

  • Everything you do . . . do it FOR YOU.

  • Be authentic at all times,  quickly catch yourself as social programming stops us from being truly us.  Hug the man when you feel that way (staying authentic) and be alert to social programming ( Vs Shaking his hand….a commonly accepted social protocol)

  • There is only ONE TRUE YOU. These days many of us wear many masks. A social you, a political you, an emotional you, A Spiritual you.

  • Anything that induces fear / guilt / shame……WALK AWAY.

  • In all relationships, do to the other what you would like yourself.  Empower, Empower, Empower. (A) Put the soul back on course (B) Reconnect the soul to source (do the one that comes to you naturally, the one that comes easy.)

  • Any energy that makes you feel rundown, listless, low energy, is not the true  YOU. WE ARE BEINGS of LIGHT with UNLIMITED ENERGY and the ability to create with SOURCE.

  • Eat only when hungry. Eat food cooked by a cheerful being who enjoys the process of cooking and serving. Eat food that has minimal processing.

  • Our systems are very sensitive EMFs. All EMFs interact to each other altering original states..So, reduce electronic clutter and emanations around you. Keep these to a bare minimum and keeping the resting/ sleeping area free of electronic equipment. To know more click here. 

All of what I share I have tested, multitudes of times.  It works. Life is like Snakes and Ladders but I do manage to dodge the snakes more often than not….. they do get me once in a while, but a ladder is nearby and I am back on track connected to source and healing other beings that travel with us with my partner !!

  aura of an artist


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