On Entities

Majority of people living on planet earth today are totally unaware of non-physical energies (beings) that can actively interfere with our energy and emotions and even things, places rooms etc. Although there is some acceptance of such phenomena, it is largely misunderstood. Very few know how to deal with such things.

In the past, the priests and Shamans had developed the vision and the knowledge of such energies. However, in the last few centuries, the loss of their vision came with fear of the unknown and due to this we have scary stories of exorcisms etc which are largely based on the ignorance of the priest class of today.

When alive, the Astral body becomes effected by experiences and emotional scars which make it somewhat crystallized & form the core areas of dysfunction. An example of an Astral crystallization could be when a child is left behind by a parent which causes it to feel alone. If these feelings of loneliness carry on for longer time periods, then the Astral body begins to crystallize around these emotions creating Samskaras. When many more samskara’s form and gather together, they create personality traits that are usually negative.

An obvious eg is addiction to alcohol. It is the make up of feelings which lead to the continued desire for alcohol. Another eg would be neediness in a relationship. Basically all negative personality traits come from the formation of Samskara’s.

These Samskaras are located in the Astral body of the individual, they are not a part of the soul / light body. While alive, the many conflicting parts of the Astral body are held together by its incarnation in the physical body. After death when the physical body is no longer there to hold the Astral together it begins to break up along the lines of crystallization or Samskara’s.

In the days of old when someone died the body was returned to earth and the priests would perform a proper clearing which includes helping the soul (A simple definition —– “soul” = personal power) move upwards into higher realms while clearing any fragments or entities formed due to the Astral Body’s breaking down. When someone dies their various layers of psychic energy (Astral Body) begin to shatter and the low vibrating parts can break up into chunks of energy which retain individuality and free will. Most of the Astral body will break up into astral dust and be reabsorbed into the astral planes but the large crystallizations can remain as chunks of Astral Substance with their own personality which we call entities.

 These entities although formed by the person who died generally become much worse than they were while a part of the person while alive. This is because they no longer have the rest of the astral body/ personality to keep them in check. Once on their own, and also now disincarnate, they need to gain energy from a living being or they will break up and be reabsorbed. The energy they require now to stay together, is of a denser nature than Astral substance, it is what we call Chi, Prana, Ki, Qi among other names. This energy is closer to the physical body and with a supply of it the entity can stay together and live for a very long time.

They need etheric and Astral energy that is incarnated into a physical body. While incarnated, the Astral energy and etheric energy are merged in a way that gives the astral substance more density so that it can incarnate into the physical body. So the energy the entity needs is kind of like a mix of etheric and astral energies which forms the mental and emotional level of a person.

So once an entity has been created by the death of a person they will need to find a host so as to gain a constant supply of emotional energy. They will want a host with similar emotions to themselves as it will be so much more easily digested and it will make them feel comfortable and at home.

Typically an entity will go for a family member first, for which it had an affinity, basically one that it likes. Like attracts like when it comes to entities and the astral planes. If it cannot find someone it knows it will begin searching for someone else for which it feels an affinity. It will also target people with weak energy as it will be much easier for it to infiltrate. People on drugs or alcohol or in emotionally vulnerable states make the easiest targets so pubs and clubs are a good place for entities to go in search of a new host.

The great majority of entities that interfere with people’s energy are these types but there do exist other types of entities. There are nature spirits and elementals all over the planet, there are many different types and they have different functions. These beings live in the Astral realm and don’t have a physical body like humans but they do effect the physical world. Sometimes they get lost or confused and can sometimes attach to a person in the same way as a normal entity.

The effects of entities can vary to quite a large degree but with all entities there will be

  1. A loss of energy
  2. Amplification of negative emotions.
  3. Attempt to attach to a person where there is similarity in the persons  energy. An example would be an entity with an addiction to sex. It would certainly be attracted to someone who has a sex addiction themselves. Another example could be an entity that just wants to be somewhere comfortable, where it can hide from the world and feel warm and protected. This entity would have no interest in someone who is extroverted. It would seek a host with similar characteristics so it may get what it wants. It will try to bury itself deep into their energy where it feels protected and safe. It will also amplify these types of desires in the host so as to keep them from situations that the entity doesn’t like. Clearly this will be much easier with a host who already feels similar to the entity.

So one of the most important things to realize about entities is that they are like the host in some way. The host themselves will get it back unwittingly.

An entity can be caught as a child or even a baby or in the womb. Such an entity caught at such an early age can have a large impact on the persons energy as they grow up. It does happen that small children feel lonely and they are far more open psychically. They may actually see an entity and become its friend and actually agree to allow it in. This can even occur before the child can talk. It is on a feeling/ emotional/ psychic level. If the child agrees to allow the entity in it has indeed in some way been tricked because it cannot know what effect it will really have. As soon as the entity actually does get into the child’s energy the child will realize it was a bad idea but it will be too late. Once the entity has been there for a while the child will get used to it and as entities are very good at hiding this can happen fairly fast. As the child grows up and their intellect takes over they will forget completely about the entity. What is interesting however is that through regression a person can actually remember all of this very clearly and can actually see exactly how the entity has effected them throughout their life. This is because during regression the person is in a deeper state of consciousness and so they can actually remember more of what was happening in their subconscious than they were aware of during the actual event they are remembering.


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