Scheduling a CHI Bioenergetics session for yourself

THE CHI PLACE is an online distant healing center, founded by Girl Chee and Boy Chi.  We are committed to sharing the Natural Principles of Life that are true to all of humanity by embracing energy work, spiritual development, enlightenment, and conscious living.

All our energy work (bioenergetics) are completed in a meditative connection state. Remember, your energetic template is unique. No two people will ever have the same template. We usually work with a combination of many different formats to find the balance within your energy fields. The different patterns that are worked on are unique in their own right and how the programming, energy patterns, and all of the energetic issues that are held in these areas such as energy flows and blockages, stagnant energy, imprints, and many more. Working on removing / enhancing these elements appropriately (the right combination) of balancing energies is the key process of our bioenergetic sessions.

All bioenergetic sessions are scheduled after payment has been made. Tentative scheduling dates can be set, however, payment must be received no later than 48 hours in advance to our work. Scheduling hours are anyday of the week 5 am to 4pm . All communication, either email or phone calls, are kept confidential and no information is shared with anyone. On all healing sessions, energy scans, and customized healing work you will be working directly with Girl Chee and Boy Chi. Again, we do prefer email communication as this is our quickest and easiest way to communicate with our clients around the world.  

Write to us for next steps in scheduling your bioenergetic session. When scheduling in your session, please make sure to include your full contact name and location. If there are specific aspects you would like us to work on or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 






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