Lessons from Life – Unstrung moments

It began in a 10 day meditation retreat I participated in early 2017. I was doing this in India once again after almost twelve years. I had almost forgotten the technique and wanted to refresh my rusty meditation skills. To cut the story short, I ended up assisting the teacher. We had locals (Indians) and non-Indians in the program.

It was a tough task. I got the chance to

  • meditate and assist,
  • observe myself and others transform,
  • look at a lot of things that were revealed to me from my past

The net outcome of all these interactions were astounding in that they helped me grow and view life differently.

I recollect that many things churned up within me during those 10 days  and I have penned them down in few headings. I call them unstrung moments, because they seemingly are not connected to each other, YET, each is a valuable moment that I can’t ever forget. Each of these Unstrung Moments created a better understanding of me by me for me.

My revelations were as follows


One of the  participants was unwilling to stay alone and especially so in small enclosed rooms. This participant shared with me in a most casual  way ….“I was a prisoner in my past life, so I am unable to fulfill the present requirements of the retreat” I listened while observing the participant closely. In a flash, it then dawned on me that I had a similar experience almost 20 years ago.

What happened 20 years back ? I was doing a past life regression for  a teenager who had adjustment problems . He was a good sportsman, he followed all the rules, was a good team player, however, left to himself,  he didnt know how to deal with humans and with technology. When we proceeded with the PLR we realised that his soul was

  • A young soul
  • Had been born in the early 1900s as a man
  • Was recruited into the army (WW I) at a young age
  • He was shot dead without experiencing much of life.
  • Even during recruitment the soul didn’t know what was the purpose of the war and after that this was his second birth.
  • He had so many issues and questions which he was attempting to find answers to. The soul was lost as to how to use technology, how to deal with humans, why so much suffering? child abuse, drug abuse.
  • The soul couldn’t adjust to city life and loud humans.

The participant in the retreat was very similar, and seemed to have same soul quality.  While the current day participant only shared with me their issues with closed spaces. I asked them whether they too had issues with technology / people handling and so on. The participant was shocked….the personality profiles with my PLR client were almost identical.  This paved the way for a stronger acceptance of themselves in the present, cleared many turmoils and paved the path for further development and action.


Once again, this happened when my family was undergoing a similar retreat but somewhere close to 2000. They met a youth from Canada and everyone became very good friends. He came home to stay with us and we all felt him to be family. He grew attached to me, and even though my sister fussed over him he stayed a little distant from her. When he went through his PLR, it turned out that my sister was once a British noble lady and she had loved a French doctor (WW II times). They were caught and  her arms were chopped off as punishment. The French Doctor was hung. Later,  she gave birth to his child. As she didn’t have arms, the task of rearing the child came upon her sister (me…on those times too). In that life (journey) , the British woman was my sister, and the baby was the Canadian youth.

Since I raised the child and the child had more affinity to me. That explained how the three of us felt in the 2000s. After the PLR, Patrick was more at peace, he was receptive to my sister. Also my sister had this uncalled for fear that she may lose her arms AND this fear too went away. Both, the youth and she were healed.

I have also witnessed a few PLs where I have had strong associations with the members of the Buddhist community in South East Asia as well as in India across various centuries.



There is this strong powerful stallion that my partner and I would visit on an Horse farm. His shoulder was over six feet in height, he would tower over my tall partner who is six feet plus. Once, due to negligence of the stable boy, the stallion developed colic. It suffered and we attempted  to bring it relief with our energy work. The stallion responded very well.

Later, after some days, we went to the farm again and  my partner while being greeted by the owner of the farm, walked past the stable without acknowledging the stallion. Much to the surprise of the owner of the farm and my partner, the stallion neighed loudly, and beckoned my partner to come over to pat and rub his belly.

That is a memory that will never fade.


This was an encounter with a very big pair of bullocks. Another farmer we happened to visit, was breeding native animals (pure breeds). His bullocks were huge, heavy, had up turned horns almost 2.5 feet long. They were strong animals and easily pulled a carts that weighed over 2-3 tons without breaking into a sweat.

These animals were seeing us for the second time on the farm. We hadn’t interacted with them earlier, though we had patted the dogs and the goats during our first visit there. The farmer had a great sense of humour and this time  around he casually handed each of us the reins to a bullock and told us to manage their grazing. Further, he quickly disappeared from sight without giving us any further  instructions as to how may handle these creatures.

We were both were pretty petrified and felt we were either going to be dragged and trampled underfoot or we would be mauled by them with their horns.

It was a truly humbling experience. The bullocks followed us like pet dogs, and if they wandered off, a slight pull on the rope was enough for them to know they had to come back. We tired being out in the sun and sat down by a tree, these two grazed and drew closer to us. The most amazing part was when ever they came to a distance of a foot close to us, they moved away. Their horns warned them of our presence and they moved away to keep us safe. At times they just stood and looked at us with their deep black eyes, and we were only flooded with love.


We moved to a new neighborhood, Our morning walks make us meet strays and few other dogs whose owners are kind enough to allow us to pat them. One such stray with deformed legs, we named ‘Buddha’. Buddha had a huge territory, he never fought with other dogs, when he saw us for the first time, he wagged his tail and came to us as if we were family. That made us feel that we had been here many years, AND made us forget that we had moved there just  a few days ago.


Just as with Buddha we had another friend a Labrador. When we pass by her street, she recognizes us and will start jumping, pawing, nibbling, licking and making all sorts of sounds. Moving away from her is heart wrenching for she will watch us till we are out of sight. The owners often commented, “we feed and groom her, you people are new here, you walk by and pat her for a minute or two, AND she never demonstrates so much love to us as she does to the two of you.


There is this cat family, that lives on our street (we have more than twenty households in the vicinity). These cats are not tame and snarl at those who attempt to approach them. The families don’t like the aggressive behaviour and mostly shoo them away. We have heard them cursing the cats and complaining to the neighbours about them.

The cats often raid our kitchen searching for scrap food. Once, when we had neglected closing our milk container, she and her kittens drank half a liter of milk from our container. On another occasion, we had two left two packets of sweets on the kitchen counter, instead of their customary shelf. One had three sweets in it, the other had eight. Next morning we found the packet torn open and all the sweets gone. But the surprising part was she had eaten the packet containing three sweets and left the other completely untouched. She had her inbuilt sense of justice it seems.

On another occasion, it was raining heavily the whole night,and it was cold in the morning we awoke to find her sleeping in the living room. On hearing us , she stirred looked at us in the eyes as if to thank us for everything and jumped to the window, looked back at us and walked off into the morning sunshine.

Story-7 : LIFE. . .SOUL  SEARCHING   — Away with Security & flowing with Uncertainty

The retreat was an eyeopener in other ways. I met young people in their twenties and thirties, traveling all alone and on a strong internal impulse.

I met many beings that were all transformed and more grounded  before they began he retreat. All of them, single women, traveling alone in India, unable to speak the local language. This was sheer courage to follow their own hearts.

One of them, a young seeker, was earlier at the Kalachakra retreat held by the Dalai Lama at Bodh Gaya. Here, they were directed to this retreat by a complete stranger at a roadside eating joint. Now from this retreat they are planning to Burma and wholly based on a strong guidance that I felt for them. This I feel is truly being in the flow. This person is a most sensitive, beautiful, caring, child like being. May they find whatever they are seeking.

Another was a being from the Netherlands, who had been in a secure relationship of 18 years and a very good job. They ditched both to backpack in India alone !!! They felt their calling 2 years ago but at that time operational pressures of life made them  lose the calling. It surfaced again during our retreat, and that was it for them, the light is now so strong, there is no stopping them.

For another youth the retreat’s regimen was really tough, and they felt that they would land up in a lunatic asylum after the retreat was over. However,  the ending was altogether different, as she didn’t want the retreat to end at all and is now planning on going for another one pretty  soon.

My favourite is a young traveler from Canada. Didn’t have enough money to get back home. In that stress, they meditated, found a balance, took sane decisions and with all the language / social barriers, needless resistance, she got herself a ticket back home , said she will be better prepared and then will be back!!!

I will keep adding more stories as and when I recollect them. So many beings demonstrated in real life what it meant to be

  • “in the flow”,
  • How to be aware and follow ones heart,
  • to love unconditionally,
  • to clear ones space of all unwanted rubbish,
  • take each new day as it comes,
  • celebrate life,
  • be unattached to any specific outcome or person,
  • have self belief and
  • trust in the universe to do the best for them….

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