Na-Ma-S-Te – Nature’s Magical Sustainable Technology – Microzyma & Somatids


Somatids  and Microzyma

These above terms mean the same thing. These discoveries have been kept away from us as they have the ability to significantly challenge current mindsets of most establishments and therefore alter the existing power structure of things on the planet. Screenshot from 2017-01-26 09-49-09.png

We discussed how fear of germs creates disease and not the germs themselves. To read more kindly go here.  You can read more here about the truths of Germ theory by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we introduce to you to nature’s magical ways of working within our bodies. Its called Pleomorphism.

What is Pleomorphism ?

Pleo-morphism means many forms, many or more ( pleo- ) , forms or bodies ( morph- ). This is in contradistinction to Monomorphism which means one ( mono -) body or form.

Modern medicine, bacteriology, is founded on the idea of Mono-morphism where once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way. According to this way of thinking, a streptococcal germ is always a streptococcus. It only has one ( mono- ) form; it doesn’t change into anything else.

The following names are some pioneers of Pleomorphism

Antoine Bechamp  (Theorized Microzyma),

Royal Raymond Rife (Confirmed the existence of Microzyma),

Gaston Naessens (Discoverer of Somatids),

And many more to subsequently follow. Their discoveries and truths about the working of the micro-world in our bodies is not just astounding but also outstanding in that it gives us all good health….elegantly…without the need for drugs.

Antoine Bechamp

He was a scientist that voiced his views about infectious diseases at the same time as Louis Pasteur whose unproven theories drive the medical industry even today (We are now in Jan 2017).  bechamp-1.jpeg


Pasteur (Father of the most touted Germ Theory)

Bechamp (Proved that the Germ Theory was false)

Taught that disease came from outside the body in the form of bacteria. Taught that disease came from inside the body.
Did not know the origin of bacteria. However would argue about how they were transmitted (air, water, people to people contact and so on) Disproved Pasteur by demonstrating in recorded experiments that infections spread even in vaccum where there was no media available for the transmission of germs. / bacteria.
Built his theories around Monomorphism Discovered and observed Pleomorphism. (A simple English meaning for this is shape shifting)
The Business establishment supported Pasteur as his idea were more suited to creating fear about bacteria and germs. Politics dictated that Bechamp’s theory be rejected in favor of Pasteur’s and Bechamp died a broken man. Humanity lost a friend of truth. Bechamp proved and explained that germs and bacteria were nothing but intelligent house keeping agents (miniature and shape shifting in nature) that knew how to disintegrate and get rid of body wastes. He essentially taught and demonstrated that the BODY knows how to repair itself and has all the capability to do this. If this was right, then we would not need medicines, doctors and hospitals. Oops that was not good for business.
Pasteur is the father of   The Germ Theory which the establishment follows today. The Germ Theory stated that there were separate diseases and that each disease was caused by a particular micro-organism. It was the job of science, then, to find the right drug or vaccine that would selectively kill off the offending bug without killing the patient. It ignores the below major points causing much contradiction and anguish.


Bacteria and viruses tend to be “environment-specific.” That’s why some people get colds and others don’t. That’s why some survived the Bubonic Plague. That’s also why some doctors and nurses seem to be immune to disease even though they’re surrounded by it every day.


Deepak Chopra tells us of a study in which the influenza virus was isolated and implanted directly onto the mucous membranes of a group of subjects, with only 12% of them getting the flu. (Quantum Healing) . So why find a drug for just 12% of the population, when 88% are fully okay !! ?.


Pasteur’s Germ Theory has as many holes as a Swiss cheese. It gained popularity as he had great PR skills. He rarely let his research keep him away opportunities to address royalty / medical societies in the most prestigious university settings. He was quoted and published and offered practically every honorary title and chair in Europe. The records however not only cast suspicion, but seem to establish fairly clearly that Pasteur “borrowed” the research for some of his most famous discoveries, and then capitalized on the celebrity of being there first

Bechamp was so passionate about research that he never bothered with conventions and awards and politics. He was a professor and a researcher, and that took every moment of his time until his death at 93. It was Bechamp’s view that it was not the bug that caused disease, but rather the condition in which bugs lived. Disease happens when an imbalance causes some of the more pathological that is, bad, bacteria to take over. What causes that? Low resistance, weak immune system. Seems like such a simple idea, but that is really the foundation of the whole controversy all along.


In the end, everyone, even Pasteur, agreed that bugs – bacteria and viruses – do not alone cause disease


In the early 1900’s by a well respected microbiologist Rosenow claimed that bacteria are harmless. He claimed to have seen Typhoid bacteria change into a harmless enteric bacteria by changing the pH a small amount and back again by altering the pH back to its original condition. This is supported very well if you read our article on EMFs here.


The discoverer of the cell theory, Rudolf Virchow, with respect to the Germ Theory, commented simply:

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”- Bieler, p 40

Virchow felt that the presence of germs identified the tissue as diseased, but was not the cause of disease. A weakened or diseased tissue may be a target area for micro-organisms, a hospitable environment in which they can set up shop. But that’s quite different from germs having caused the weakened state…quite the opposite


Enough of defunct studies, lets take our attention back to how it all actually happens in nature (real life).

Introducing – Royal Raymond Rife  rife-1

Royal Rife was a genius from San Diego that invented a Dark Field Microscope that made visible tiny microorganisms the size of virus. He could see Bechamp’s Microzyma with his equipment and observe Pleumorphism in action.


Rife noted that

  1. Spores of bacteria could change shapes so that the spore could change to a Typhoid bacteria, then to a salmonella bacteria and then to a virus like organism that he called Tbacillus that caused cancer.
  2. Rife used vibrational sound waves to destroy the pathogens. Rife thought that energy that surrounds the bacteria (ie its environment) can be altered so that the bacteria would explode or change into a different bacteria that was not harmfulrife book 1.jpeg.
  3. Rife introduced his philosophy along with a Rife Sound Wave Machine to the Scientific World in the early 1930’s. He took 16 patients with terminal cancer and under the observation of respected people, he cured 13 of them within a couple of months and the other 3 months later. His treatment involved using the ray to explode the bacteria, then let the remains be discarded by the immune system.
  4. The success of his treatment was to be broadcast by a special news conference. Mysteriously, the broadcast was sabotaged, including two mysterious deaths.
  5. The Chinese believe that energy surrounds all living beings. Alter the energy and the cell becomes sick. Bring back the energy and the cell heals. Rife may be the first person to view this theory because of his microscope.


Gastons Naessens (Somatid Discovery)

Gaston Naessens is a mild mannered genius that started inventing things when he was a child. He too invented a Dark  Field Microscope that is called the Somatiscope. This type of magnification is able to capture tiny organisms that can not be stained for some reason. Dark field microscopes are able to see live organisms. pleumorphism 1.jpg

Naessens documented seeing the complete cycle of resistant bacteria that he called Somatids, which means tiny body.

The cycle takes over 90 hours and has 16 stages. The final stages are when the mold turns into a thallus sack and sack

bursts and throws virus like bodies or more somatids into the environment.

Naessens showed that Somatids mutate when the immune system becomes weak. His proposed treatment is to strengthen the immune system.


Modern day understanding of germs as dictated by the drugs and pharma industry is an Inception theory (it is only a wild idea meant to induce fear) AND  not a valid Infection theory by any standards.


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