Lessons from Life – Life Purpose

I  found “How to train your Dragon part-1”  to be a really interesting movie. Even though it is set in the cold North and is based on the Viking community, its characters and messages are applicable to all other cultures as well.

As always all our insights and learnings happen out of the characters we identify with.
 Let me tell you who they are

Hiccup is a Viking boy who introduces the island village of Berk. He gives very interesting descriptive coordinates. His voice is pretty despondent as he gives the intro and it remains so for almost one third of the movie..”It’s somewhere between freezing to death and hopelessness. Even though every building is new, it’s been this way for seven whole generations.

  • The village is constantly attacked by dragons, who steal food (mostly sheep) and set things on fire (hence all the new buildings).
  • Hiccup is considered too small by the tribe (especially by his father the tribe’s chief) to fight the dragons, so has been assigned off as an apprentice to Gobber the local blacksmith.

The movie starts off by showing Hiccup as being

The movie starts off by showing Hiccup as being :


Shrimp like, hiccup





Clumsy apprentice to a crippled blacksmith

Bullied by peers,

Bumbling and mumbling

A school flunkie

No friends,

No credibility,

Low  on self esteem and  self confidence

When the dragons attack Hiccup is a major liability. Everyone wants him indoors as he tends to mess up the proceedings with his clumsy ways, AND yet, his father has high expectations from Hiccup. Wants him to be dragon slayer (someday !!!).

However, the real Hiccup is :

Sensitive, hiccup2


Hiccup’s Sketchbook





non-violent (all types of killing put him off)

animal lover,

fair and just,


his life purpose TO FLY DRAGONS. The signs for these came in 2 major ways.

1) Equipment he creatively designs to aid his true purpose.

2) Truthshicup-and-toothlesss revealed wonderfully to him by Toothless.

Who is TOOTHLESS ?: toothless

An expressive dragon

Hiccup’s best and only friend who gave him a sense of purpose.

Made him fearless and outspoken, helped change the social outlook, the one who accepted Hiccup immediately even with a lost limb. The one who got Hiccup and Astrid closer.

astridThis is ASTRID , Hiccup’s love interest

  • A determined female Viking warrior with a strong sense of Purpose,

  • extremely self confident

  • strong personality,

  • knows that she is beautiful,

  • not impressed easily,

  • a tough no nonsense girl,

  • fearless, outspoken, doesn’t mince words,

  • won’t bully the weak nor join in with the other bullies. She wants the weak to stand up for themselves,

  • A strong sense of duty drives her, so much so that she acts without regard for herself,

  • follows her calling, even if it meant defying the Chief’s orders.

First recognizing and then readjusting Cultural programming (Dragons are bad for you)  to reshape her reality makes her realize quickly how similar the dragons were to other beings. These powerful creatures were also capable of unconditional friendship, loyalty, kindness, and compassion. Her new reality : Why fight when you can be friends. ??


gobber2GOBBER:The crippled blacksmith who trains, supervises and babysits Hiccup ,

  • loves the boy
  • being crippled himself has an understanding for the crippled mindset Hiccup has about not being a dragon hunter
  • encourages Hiccups tinkering about creating equipments and sketching
  • can’t expressed to Stoic that Hiccup has a loads of creative skill in designing and creating mechanical devices, rather than fighting dragons.
  • His PURPOSE in life changes from a warrior to being a blacksmith.
  • He is a hands-on teacher training the kids in the Dragon arena.

STOIC the Vaststoic

  •  Giant widower chief of the tough Viking village of Berk (An island Village).
  • Knows he was born to slay dragons and lead his village!
  • Has almost given up hope on Hiccup
  • Ever (Over ?) expectant father, One track mind ‘When will my son be a dragon slayer ?
  • Has a reputation to uphold as a brave chief
  • Insensitive and mostly impatient
  • Dismissive of the Hiccup’s artistic talents
  • Seems to have this knack for strained conversations with his son
  • Feels inadequate as he is unable to love the kid and is on a single parent guilt trip.
  • He even threatens his tribe saying he will make them baby sit Hiccup if they do not sign up for the dragon-nest hunt.

What I see in the movie

  • Faulty / limited cultural and social programming takes kids away from their original life purpose.  Behind such programming is a very specific plan and outcome  ie children  SHOULD follow in the footsteps of known elders and live the adult dream (in other words – not pursue their own)
  • What you learn in school needs to be questioned. The Viking school text books on dragons mis-represented the truth causing much fear and hatred. Even WARS. Clearly, the author of those Dragon textbooks had no firsthand experience with the dragons. Their imagined views ‘Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight’ is taught to numerous Viking students for generations. They suggest that to tame a dragon violence is needed, re-enforcing that dragons to be harmful and that they are the enemy.
  • Inability of adults (the programmed ones) to look beyond or out of the box / ring that they are IN and arrive at the truth ie.. dragons are actually loving creatures
  • While Hiccup is creative and artistic, lack of appreciation, low self esteem and not knowing who one is! makes Hiccup unable to speak out, especially with his father around. He becomes a social outcast and is constantly bullied.
  • On the other hand, Astrid is a confident and outspoken girl as she is self assured. She moves around anywhere and everywhere freely. 
  • Single parent pressures, peer and social pressures, embarrassment at Hiccup’s inadequacies kill whatever is left of Stoic’s sensitivity. For him being perfect, tough and macho is everything, but that is ONLY his truth. Its limited and sort of exclusive as it fails to includes the likes of the dragons and Hiccup in his version of the world / life.

Having a Purpose in our lives or even vague Sense of direction is very fulfilling. We wake up we look forward to doing the things we love the most. In imagining and creating things, in visualizing new scenarios, we start to co-create with the universe. This males the Universal life force gush through us in a torrent. We stay enthused, are usually energetic and we allow this flow to continue. Thus making magic happen. Miracles are actually commonplace. What we ask, the universe will make it come true as long as we are aligned to our true and original purpose.

Questions for all of us

Are the following desirable in our lives ?

a. You wake up each morning knowing that when this day is done, you will be happier, healthier, wiser and even more beautiful.

b. No matter what happens in the day, you will easily see the good in everything and everyone.

c. You will do something today, however small, to help and be aligned with our living planet (technically our mom). 

There are many amongst us whose lives showcase the above. You may know of them, maybe even seen them, but, have not dared to know them better. Such people do not conform to social rules. They are the breakaway types (BTs)….and not the CONFORMING types (CTs).

Many CTs secretly wish to be BTs. Are you one too ?

How to let the BT in you emerge ;-

Allow LIFE’s plan for you to manifest instead of your plan for life.

Use your Heart wisdom/intuition rather than brain instructions.

Lesson Learnt: Live true to your heart’s intent and not live the objectives and purpose that others invent for you. 

Living your life by what you visualize, feel and sense in your deepest heart and entire being.

When we have a sense of who we truly are and what we love doing, then we become

  • present and aware of self and others.
  • responsive, not reactive.
  • self driven or self motivated.
  • strongly connected to : inner voice/higher self/nature.
  • forgiving and compassionate to oneself  ‘First’.
  • capable of raising our frequency to see and find inspiration in small things whenever we feel stuck.
  • creators thus can actualize the highest best for someone/thing we care for.
  • available unconditionally to those in genuine need.
  • proficient in Creating a heart-based world.

Remember and recognize the person you really want to BE AND thats it…. “BE FREE and STAY FREE !! “


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