How our Awareness (soul) Evolves

Ask yourself this

What type of awareness do I exhibit at the present time  ?

TYPE – A  1

  1. Growth and evolution of consciousness at not your top priority. In fact you haven’t even looked at that aspect of life till date.
  2. The way your parents or teachers did things makes sense to you.
  3. Your energy is lower than you would like and you find it difficult to stay focused on your goals.
  4. You are probably not aware of your metaphysical abilities.

For all TYPE-A’s to move onto the next stage of Awareness you will need to do the following

  1. Recognize, accept and acknowledge more of what is happening in your own life.
  2. You must invest effort and time examining what really makes you tick.
  3. You must cultivate reading some books or do some things your parents would never read or do. This is one area you will benefit from.


TYPE – B 2

  • You have begun think and ask questions that focus on the evolution and perhaps growth in consciousness.
  • You are looking to someone else (A guru maybe ?) to answer them for you. You are doing things the way that person does them.
  • Your energy will be erratic. Good when you are in a positive environment, and poor when you are in a negative environment.
  • Your own goals are suffering while you concentrate on goals you have been told would be better to work on.


For all TYPE-B’s to move onto the next stage of Awareness you will need to do the following

  • Trust your own feelings and knowledge of life.
  • Spend quality moments examining how you really feel. Do things that make you strong regardless of what others say.
  • Read books on codependency.
  • You are limiting your metaphysical abilities without really knowing it.
  • Expanding your horizons in this arena will deliver you surprise rewards.



TYPE – C   man-2


  • You have arrived at the questions that assist evolution in consciousness.
  • You know how to find the answers for yourself.
  • You are independent and directed by your inner voice.
  • You are beginning to know yourself well.
  • Your energy will be quite strong, and relatively unaffected by your environment. You are focused on your goals and will achieve them.
  • As you achieve more and more of your goals you will gain in confidence and personal power.


For TYPE – Cs to move onto the next stage of Awareness do the following


  • Just keep going but remember to open up to other people and animals.
  • You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Spend some time examining how others feel; you already know how you feel. Spending time on your relationships could pay off big time for you.
  • You would be able to develop your metaphysical abilities with relative ease, if you choose.




  • You have learnt the questions that aid growth and evolution in your own consciousness and the consciousness of others. You also know when and how to ask them to create the most beneficial effects.
  • You are interdependent; While you are directed by the needs of others, yet your first priority always remains your own needs and goals.
  • Your energy will be strong, yet soft and open.
  • You are focused on your goals and have the confidence and skills to achieve them in such a way that your achievement will also benefit others.
  • As you practice the skills you have learnt along the way your confidence and ability to create positive results out of even the most difficult circumstances will grow.
  • You know what you need to do for your continued growth. You have learnt how to listen to your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the Universe.
  • You have probably already developed your metaphysical abilities to some degree. You are at a stage of Awareness in which you could become a master of your chosen field.



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