U.T.I-L.I.T.Y —> Understanding The Invisible – Lessons Important To You

All healing happens from the invisible.

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Consideration One (Energy)

Energy is Invisible.  Everything is Energy. Energy is Everything. Its what makes work  of any type happen. The work may be physical, emotional, biological, psychological (thinking), transportation (from atoms to entire universes)……everything is energy.

Nothing happens in Nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of knowledge of any kind occurs only with an energy transfer.  There are no exceptions. This is a rule of nature.

Consideration Two (Visible Spectrum)

The human experience is determined by the range of frequencies we can perceive with our bodies. The visible spectrum is a very very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen by human eyes. This is shown in the figure below, which is not to scale. This classification is just indicative.

visible spectrum 1.jpeg
In the entire range seen above, the human body can see only what is in the visible spectrum, ie ONLY the small part between Infrared and Ultraviolet.  Again, at every given moment each one of us is picking up a very small portion of this visible spectrum available to us. So, what is really happening all around us ?  Clearly there is much energetic activity (billions of times more than what we currently perceive) and all of that is quite likely to have an influence on how we experience our reality.


Now, Lets take a tour (test ?)

According to you which aspect is more powerful….the visible or the Invisible (energy / feeling) ?

  1. The body (visible)  or the mind (invisible) ?
  2. The food that you see or the energy (unseen) it has ?
  3. The ambience of the restaurant or the energy of the cook ?
  4. The mind (words / thoughts / communication / judgement / ideas) or the soul (feelings)
  5. Attracted to someone ?……..What is more important here ? …The Visible  – tall dark handsome OR the Invisible – kind / loving / compassionate / cruel / arrogant ?

Throughout our lives we have been discounting (almost ignoring) the invisible. However, just as in the iceberg the invisible far outweighs the visible.

Humans are social creatures. Our relationships matter to us. So, what are the relationships in your life all about ? Are they the 10% relationships Visible to Visible (10%) OR the 90% Plus relationships ie.. Invisible to Invisible ?

Look at the sample pictures below. Which ones attract you more (Majority of the time) ?


Mother and Kid – B
Mother and Kid-A1.jpg
Mother and Kid – A









Woman A
Woman B












Shoes A



Shoes B








Boy A
Boy B




















Foodie A
Foodie B











Wolf A
Wolf B








Road A
Road B







Winter A
Winter B







Book A
Book B










Tea A
Tea B








Class A
Class B







Music A
Music B








Family  Meal A
Family Meal B







Meditation A
Meditation B







Will Smith Movie Type A
Will Smith Movie Type B







If you chose the “B” pictures for most parts then your lifestyle reflects energy boosting activity. If otherwise your choice was predominantly the “A” type pictures then you are losing energy and you may want to reconsider some of your habits and hobbies.

If you are having difficulty making a choice for each of the above sets, then you may want to enroll yourself in an energy work class and become more sensitised to your own inner energy, feelings and needs.

Questions to ponder on.

  1. What does my energy footprint look / feel like ?  (Ref our notes on Frequency, Vibrations) Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 3.21.49 pm.png
  2.  What kind of relationships am I in ? Are their energetic mix constructive or destructive ?  (See our notes on merging energies)
  3.  How do I confirm / know for sure that I am in not in a harmonious relationship ? How much of my relationships are governed by the top 10% of the iceberg ?
  4. How much do I know about my own soul ? My unique purpose in this lifetime ? What are the innate qualities of my soul ? How can I get to know myself better ?
  5. How do I discover / remember my own healing abilities ?  What can I do to discover / uncover them faster ?
  6. Why do I keep attracting the same type of situations and the same type of relationships again and again into my life ? What is that life lesson that is eluding me ?
  7. What will happen when I die ? What is death in an experiential sense ?
  8. Who am I ? What do I really want ? What is the purpose of me taking on a hman body at this time ? you do no have a soul 1.jpeg
  9. How much of what I know today is innate / intrinsic to me ?
  10. How much is what has been put into my mind ?
  11. When is the last time I did something for the first time ?
  12. How many of my true questions have I buried ? (because nobody seems to know or care about a straight answer).  soul family 3.jpg
  13. Given a chance to choose, would I want to come back to planet earth again …and go through life the same way I have been going through this lifetime ?
  14. Have you met your soul family yet ? Do you long for them ?
  15. Have you recognized that your earth parents are only parents of your biology. They did not give birth to your soul !!! So, who then are your soul parent (s) ?
  16. Are you awakening to all the challenges that the planet faces today ? Are you realising that the problems we face today cannot be solved in the same dimension in which they were created. A great shift in dimensions is needed to make that happen.
  17. Do you have the following experiences with yourself ? soul-family-4
    1. You do not care too much about being in public places.
    2. If the general mood of the crowd is herd-like or negative, you can feel this acutely. At this time you feel like going away into your own space.
    3. In personal relationships, you often feel the other’s  emotions.
    4. You fall often for Social influence. It seems to weaken your wisdom.
    5. You seem to know things without having actually figure them out. You have “AHA” moments that explain some of the most complex theories or phenomenon in the world.
    6. Your dreams are becoming precognitive.
    7. Watching television, reading  newspapers and seeing  movies is  distasteful to you. They commodify people and promote violence. It squashes empathy.
    8. Lying to you is pretty much impossible. While you may not always pick up on the physical cues, you can look into our eyes and know what we are feeling.
    9. You root for the underdog, those without voices, those who have been beaten down by the matrix.
    10. You sense that these marginalized individuals often need more love. People can sense this. Complete strangers will often tell you their life stories or approach you with their problems.
    11. Lots of people love taking energy from you. You seem to attract them like a magnet.
    12. You are a healer or a  budding healer. You are naturally inclined towards Pranic Healing, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, massage, nursing and so on. You prefer natural foods, herbs, and holistic medicine as ways to cure every ailment. You see the possibilities before others do. Often, your mind is light-years ahead. You are creative,  have great imagination, sing, dance, paint, invent, or write.
    13. You require more solitude than the average person. You get bored easily.  However, you are happy being with yourself. You have a difficult time doing things you don’t want to do or don’t really enjoy. Why waste energy doing something you hate?  You aren’t lazy BUT discerning.
    14. You love bringing the truth to light.
    15. You do not like routine and disagree with authority (for obvious reasons).
    16. You will often be kind, but if we are egotistical or rude, you won’t spend much time with us.
    17. You wear our own emotions on your sleeves and have a hard time ‘pretending’ to be happy. You avoid confrontation, but will quietly go about changing the world in ways others can’t even see.

If your heart and mind resonated to the points posed above, then you need to diligently follow some of the below recommendations

  1. Practice and implement compassion for yourself FIRST.
  2. Stop living for others. Live for yourself as others are already included in your world and plans. soul-work-today-1
  3. Your soul is being misled by the MIND tricking  it into situations where you invest heavily in MISPLACED COMPASSION.
  4. If you haven’t learnt energy work and energy healing do it right away.
  5. You are your only Guru. Teachers will come and go…but your most trusted Guru is YOU. soul-work-today-2


The Path (Generic)

On taking over our biology as a vehicle for our awareness on planet earth, we forget who we are. Cultural and Social conditioning, our own misunderstood biological impulses give us a false identity that is in TOTAL CONFLICT our true self.

Most people will believe this false personality fail to recognize and fulfill their true reasons for coming here. But for several  others, intuition and experiences help them realize that there is more to life than the material world (matrix) admits.

Throughout their journey, these people have higher impulses guiding them toward becoming more clarity in this dream, while simultaneously other lower impulses beckon them towards deep sleep.

For those who consistently listen to their higher impulses, inner and outer life transforms and begins to operate under divine instead of material laws, removing limitations of the latter and opening up new possibilities.

This is how we transcend the matrix by using higher laws to override lower ones. We purify our internal nature to resonate with higher dimensions of existence. This is a prerequisite for fulfilling one’s potential.