Lessons from Life : Our Animal Guides

A significant part of my childhood and teenage were spent in the company of strays. In fact there were quite a few packs that I hung out with. They were my not just my buddies they were also my guides. When we follow animal language we are listening to the language of Love spoken by the Universe. Our levels of awareness become heightened, intuition increases, if we allow it to !! Healing and empathy is automatically cultivated. We learn to live with authenticity and enjoy every moment.

20161229-092347_p3        20161229-092347_p2    20161229-092347_p1


I simply love these movies below

‘Where the Red Fern Grows’

‘Turner and Hooch’

‘White God’

‘The Last Trapper’

‘Silver Wolf’


‘Call of the Wild’

‘Marley and Me’

All of them reinforced within me the experiences I had had in my childhood.

I wish every child could enjoy those beautiful moments like I have had. My pets were a part of my soudog  essay.jpgl family. Not all biological family members are your Soul family. Its my animal buddies that taught me how to be whole and how to heal. Today, I enjoy healing all sentient beings as I can help connect each one back to themselves. My animal pals set me free by helping me retain the purity of my soul, something which society, biological family and religion can’t.

dog gyan 1.jpg     dog gyan 2.jpg

These pictures above  I found on Pinterest. I am guessing that its written by a Dog lover. Clearly, their dog was their ‘ Guru’. At least all of mine qualify for that post!

The power of Animal Communication

The feeling of having earned an animal’s trust has no equal comparison. It is such an incredible honour. You will see it in their eyes, and you will feel it within. Uplifting, yet humbling and extremely fulfilling ALL at the same moment. We cannot wear masks with an animal. They see right through us. They will easily understand what the phrase “I SEE YOU” means, used by the Na’vi tribe in the movie Avatar.

Stay still, in such a way that every moment is recorded in memory. Now watch a bird, a cat, fish, dog, goat,horse, donkey, cow, elephant, bear, hen , goose or turkey, you learn everything the best Human Resource training or any Social Skills workshop can teach you.

They will eat, sleep, groom themselves and others, have a good scratch, roll in the water or muddy soil, there will be these moments where a totally blissful look that will manifest in their eyes, and their body relaxes totally. This is when their whole aura is smooth and clear. These are important and notable moments in the healing process.

Observe carefully and you will see that animal beings are very open. They take pollutants and negativity from the environment around you (often generated by you) and recycle it. They will then let it out as a yawn, a stretch, a sneeze or a good shake from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

A pet is a miraculous experience we gather in our journey, especially as a child. Dogs are good generally, in cities as well as towns and villages. All pets do it for you, but nothing like a dog. I dont say things with a bias, but nothing is more comforting than a dog running ahead and then looking back waiting for you to catch up. Its a walk with no agenda, both of you are in the moment relishing every bit of it. The lesson is in the togetherness. They are full of expression and enthusiasm and madness.

If they are treated gently but firmly from a young age, then, as they grow up, they demonstrate little restlessness, or the chewing mania or any such hyperactive ADHD like behaviour. This applies to all animal beings.

Animals are free spirits. They are magnanimous beings that ALLOW themselves to become your pet. Over time, both of you will merge as behaviours will rub off on each other. Both of you will seem to have similar quirky behaviours.


animal n me 9.jpeg     animal n me 10.jpeg

animal n me 11.jpeg   animal n me 12.jpeganimal n me 3.jpeg

Here are some interesting links to demonstrate this. . . am sure there are more!

Pets and owners ‘become more alike over time’ – Telegraph

Do Owners and Their Dogs Have Similar Personalities? | Psychology …

How Our Animals Reflect Us – OmPlace

Pets often a reflection of their owners – The Enterprise

25 Hilarious Pictures Of Pets That Look Exactly Like Their Owners

Insight and learning – The animal beings are so caring, authentic and forever giving. We ought to create special moments for the

animal n me 5.jpeg

m too . Take time out of our less meaningful schedules and do something out of routine WITH them. Be fully and totally spontaneous…THEY love it when we become like that. Recreate some magic in each others lives. Make opportunities for them to rejuvenate their systems and ours happens as a by product of the same.dog n i.jpg

Constantly acknowledge their presence in our lives, and be grateful to them always.


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