Your Environment And Health (Y.E.A.H !!!) —> Its all about EMFs

To know more please investigate this aspect of our lives yourself. The following EMF table from ( shows sample low frequency (magnetic) values only. These devices are mainly powered by mains electricity whose frequency was 50/60 Hertz. Non-mains-powered devices are also included in this table if they produce EMF values within the Low-Frequency range, for... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Life – Life Purpose

I  found “How to train your Dragon part-1”  to be a really interesting movie. Even though it is set in the cold North and is based on the Viking community, its characters and messages are applicable to all other cultures as well. As always all our insights and learnings happen out of the characters we... Continue Reading →

How our Awareness (soul) Evolves

Ask yourself this What type of awareness do I exhibit at the present time  ? TYPE - A  Growth and evolution of consciousness at not your top priority. In fact you haven’t even looked at that aspect of life till date. The way your parents or teachers did things makes sense to you. Your energy... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Life – Jumping the Chasm

A good healer is almost always spontaneous. TAKING THE LEAP Before you start to read this note….you need to qualify for yourself whether you are ready for this message. You do this for your own self. If you are ready (aligned), then this note will help shed many questions, if not…it will belligerently raise many... Continue Reading →

U.T.I-L.I.T.Y —> Understanding The Invisible – Lessons Important To You

All healing happens from the invisible. Consideration One (Energy) Energy is Invisible.  Everything is Energy. Energy is Everything. Its what makes work  of any type happen. The work may be physical, emotional, biological, psychological (thinking), transportation (from atoms to entire universes)......everything is energy. Nothing happens in Nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of... Continue Reading →

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