Gross Emergent Radical Madness (G.E.R.M) THEORY



If Bacteria cause disease THEN Flies must surely be the cause of Garbage

bacteria-2Have you ever wondered about the following ?

  1. How is it that in the last 60 years NO western medicine has cured ANY known disease.
  2. How is it that our species is getting sicker ? Why aren’t we making any progress ?


The G.E.R.M Theory (G.E.R.M stands for General Emergent Radical Madness)

What we want to talk about has a direct connection with what we know as germs. In this discussion about germs we will use it as a generic word and include microbial organisms, bacteria, virus etc within that framework.


We are all told that

  1. Germs are very minute living creatures that harm us
  2. They are the cause for most infections and even death
  3. Germs multiply rapidly. Their growth is exponential. They multiply every second. 1 – 2- 4 – 8- 16 – 32 – 64 – 128…….and so on. Once they hit critical mass they will be unstoppable.

    bacteria 1.jpeg
    Hiya !!!, We are a bunch of germs. Have you ever considered that we may be good for you ?
  4. Germs spread through the air, water, person to person on contact, through shared clothing / instruments / needles and so on
  5. Germs can mutate quickly

While in reality

  1. No staunch supporter of this theory is able to point to the Origin of germs. ie….Where do they come from ?
  2. The average Joe has never seen a Germ in his life neither has the average Jane seen one. That’s 99.99% of the world population currently.
  3. Even if Mr Joe or Ms Jane saw one under a microscope they would not be able to identify it or recognize it.
  4. Yet we fear these germs so much that we need do a mouth wash, a teeth brushing, a hand sanitizer, we need soap to wash our bodies, we need disinfectants to do our clothes and our living spaces, we need special antiseptic bandages, we keep away from others that are sick, we need antibiotics to keep these harmful germs away, we need to vaccinate our kids and our livestock to prevent them from potential future Germ attacks. We are not going to argue about the efficacy of any of the above actions at this time…..ALL we are going to point out is how diabolically these FEAR based concepts have reinforced and seeded us again and again that our diseases are due to something outside of us. In the process something got TAKEN AWAY FROM OUR ENTIRE PSYCHE which is the fact that, “OUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF OF LITERARILY ANYTHING”.

A DOCTOR, A DRUG, SOME MEDICAL PROCESS is responsible for our well being.  Since the attacks are external (GERMS), hence the cure is also bound to be external.

Note :  The PREVALENT germ theory shifts our personal responsibility for health and well being onto the shoulders of the medical profession who are the ONLY ones who supposedly know how to kill off the offending germs. Our own personal health slips from our control.

The below video is important in understanding how we got to our current popular understanding of GERM / INFECTION theory. In spite of the fact that Microzyma are crucial to ALL life, the below  fundamentals are NOT TAUGHT by mainstream academia.





  1. Humankind has succumbed to a soothing complacency by blaming our ill health on malevolent microscopic “invaders,” rather than take responsibility for our lifestyle and adopted habits.
  2. We have been BRAINWASHED to being terrified of GERMS and the idea of potential contagion.
  3. We have been programmed to believe that healing requires some OTHER powerful force to remove whatever is at fault.
  4. The ingrained bacteriaphobia results in unconscious frenzied efforts to avoid the threat of germs.
  5. AND How romantic !!! —– The medical-pharmaceutical industry is in relentless search for the perfect drug to combat each disease-causing microbe…SO THAT THEY CAN SAVE OUR LIVES.
  6. A whole new industry in the era of modern medicine was established and instituted (especially vaccination) to confer “immunity” against specific germs.
  7. NO ONE (well almost everyone, except the ones that are awakening) seem to realize that germs, viruses and bacteria are the result, not the cause, of disease.
  8. Bacteria (germs) have an important role to perform in the vital process of healing. Bacteria are capable of only one action in regard to the disease process: the processing of dead materials as their food. Germs take part in virtually all disease processes which requires the disintegration and elimination of toxic matter from within the body. Germs are scavengers cleaning up the affected area of toxic saturation. As soon as their role is complete, their numbers decline. If Bacteria cause disease THEN Flies must cause Garbage and Firemen must be causing the Fires. 
  9. Bacteria proliferate because there is dead organic matter for them to feed on, not because they suddenly become malevolent.
  10. Hence, it is TOTALLY inappropriate to call bacterial activity an “attack” or an “invasion” on the part of germs, unless we mean it is an attack on the toxins. The only real attack that takes place is the one we make upon our own body as we continually assault ourselves on the average of some 30 poisoning acts each day including the devitalized foods and beverages we consume, the drugs we take, the vaccines we blindly accept all of which create enervation and exhaustion of the body.
  11. Pathogens cannot thrive in healthy blood. It is the environment and the host that determine disease symptoms and the type of bacteria that proliferate.
  12. Repeat : Germs do not cause disease; rather, the body generates disease occasions for the germ proliferation that takes place. In order for a particular germ to exist, it has to have a suitable environment created by the toxic and pathological pollution saturating the body.
  13. The body invokes and creates through the process of pleumorphism the specific germ culture and

    Somatids, Bions, Microzyma….Vital knowledge left out in conventional biology
  14. microzyma-somatid-1 shape depending upon where the body has accumulated the wastes, its type, quality & intensity.
  15. Wherever the body is overwhelmed with much toxic waste it creates an environment favorable to the mutation of bacteria. When a test or biopsy is the done on that specific tissue, we find commonly associated germs with particular diseases. The disease condition favors proliferation and increasing virulence until their function of devouring toxic debris is accomplished.
  16. Ask any bacteriologist, what comes first ? the soil or the bacteria, the answer is always the tainted environment, in order for the bacteria to thrive. Germs do not directly produce disease; rather, the body-generated healing crisis produces the germ by providing a suitable environment where non-toxic bacteria mutate into toxic micro-organisms within septic surroundings.
  17. For germs to become dangerous, they must be intermingled with concentrated waste products before a germ metamorphoses into a toxic entity.
  18. It is true that germs and bacteria exist everywhere, the microorganisms only proliferate in the body when a person develops toxemia as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. A state of internal cleanliness is essential for health and well-being.
  19. A pure bloodstream, free unimpeded circulation of all body fluids, and unobstructed excretion generate and maintain healthy tissue. No virulent unwanted life-form can thrive in this environment for it will not have suitable nourishment.

All readers (awakened and awakening) are encouraged to investigate further on their own how we got to this state and how come we all so blindly believe the above absurdity to be the true nature of life that we are exposed to.

Some useful links as starters for your further research on the situation


Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 1.41.21 pm.png   (Shares with us the actual nature of the internal working of our bodies)   (Shares with us the politics and power games in the disease care world)

The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean (1957)  (Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations)



Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 1.38.58 pm.png    Unsuspecting humans have been administered poisonous drugs for over 50 years.  If this does not outrage you, then nothing will…..


Article link, click here









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