Crystal Heart Intelligence – Energy Work

CHI – Energy Work

(Fundamentals – Protocols – Results)

Abstract ; CHI – Energy Work Protocols

The mechanist view of human health is based on the below tenets

  1. The body functions as a machine that obeys fixed laws. The phenomenon of life is explained exclusively as the product of a complex series of chemical and physical reactions. Only physical / biological / tangible parts are considered.
  2. You may remove ‘faulty’ parts of the human body without affecting other aspects.
  3. Reductionism and linear time form the basis of any understanding or diagnosis.
  4. There is very limited focus on other causes of disease such as the environment, social stressors, external factors, other interfering energies and anything intangible the most important being the soul.

Note : Anyone who is “Seeking Healing Energetically” we will refer to as a “S.H.E”. from now in this article.

In contrast, practice of the CHI protocols is based on the following

  1. Measuring, assessing and augmenting energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells tissue, and organs.
  2. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.
  3. Of importance for us are the intangibles. We know people are affected by culture, religion, economics, race, class, gender, social, external, spirit, environmental and biological factors. We recognize that health is an attitude, and is influenced by one’s beliefs, expectations, and upbringing. Health represents an awakening on a psychological or spiritual
  4. In our view, Health is the harmonious vibration of the elements and forces composing the human entity on the physical, energetic, emotional mental and spiritual planes of being.
  5. The human system is self healing – (as long we do not interfere with it) – It continuously responds to, compensates for, and balances the many factors that influence health. There is continual change and movement.
  6. We base our understanding on concepts of vitalism and holism. We recognize the uniqueness of each person and the logic of health and disease. We understand that there are essential building blocks to health and that each person is UNIQUE.
  7. We guide people back to health, with the recognition that true healing is each and everyone’s inherent ability and right.

CHI protocols are continuously developing and self evolving. The protocols make significant effort to measure the intangibles through known tangibles.


How to look at this writing

A S.H.E comes for healing. Clearly, any description of their given situation also depends on who is viewing it. A child will simply say, I like the moon, I want to fly to the moon. A NASA scientist will define the same in terms of distance, gravity, payloads, propulsions, costs, time and so on. Same situation – Different Views. The child’s view is less complex and simple in comparison to the adult NASA scientist. However, they are both right…from their own standpoint and position.

Likewise, in school biology children learn that when the pancreas do not secrete enough insulin the human body manifests a set of symptoms which we then call/label as “Diabetes”. This goes on to fundamentally become the backbone for diagnosis and treatment even in later stages (Medical studies). Can this be made more comprehensive and therefore holistic taking into account the entire human being ? CHI healing strives for this.

To us, healing is a solution to a specific problem where a sentient being is feeling discomfort. The clarity and comprehensiveness of the problem statement made by the healer determines how elegant the solution will be. Inherent to all this are definitions. Definitions generate meaning and help ease our reasoning mind to develop an acceptable understanding of what the situation is. From such a state of acceptance, we generate the least amount of conflict and therefore minimal internal resistance, thereby allowing nature to do what it has to easily and smoothly. Essentially what we do is create the environment for holistic healing to happen on its own. So every reader that attempts to understand CHI healing protocols should kindly revisit all of their own internal definitions.

Emotions are simply “Energy in Motion”. When you feel an emotion, what you’re really sensing is the vibration of a particular energy. Each emotion has its own vibratory signature, and when intense emotions are felt, they can become trapped in your body. Your body is both biochemical and biophysical, and disruptions in your field of energy will eventually result in physical dysfunction. It’s interesting to note that certain emotions are known to be associated with pain in certain regions of your body. For example, those suffering from depression will often experience chest pains, even when there’s nothing physically wrong with their heart. Extreme grief can also have a devastating impact—not for nothing is the saying that someone “died from a broken heart.” In the days after losing a loved one, your risk of suffering a heart attack shoots up by over a 1000% !

We are Pure Energy – Thinking of our bodies as a conglomerate of densely packed energies rather than material cells will also help you understand that an important factor in the root cause of disease is really inharmonious activity at the energetic, subatomic level. And remember we are a collection of over 50 Trillion such energy units (cells). Living cells emit weak electromagnetic radiation. Your skin emits about 30 photons per square centimeter per second. While not visible to the human eye, you emit light. You glow, but not enough to get arrogant. The scientific term is “ultra-weak bioluminescence.”

The body is a dynamic PROCESS – The body by itself is a collection of over 50 plus Trillion cells, each with its own distinct behavior / functions and personality. A small being in itself. Every second, billions of these beings die and many new ones are born. Every second, these trillions of beings are assimilating new material and eliminating waste material from themselves. This is continuously happening even in our sleep. The system is very precise and intelligent in its working. The body is one continuous dynamic process, changing and flowing all the time.

Stress is one major factor that can produce significant amounts of chaos at this underlying energetic level, which is likely why removing stress has such a positive influence on health. The classic definition of stress is “any real or imagined threat, and your body’s response to it.” Research has shown that your body’s natural stress response can have a significant impact on everything from immune function and brain chemistry, to blood sugar levels, hormonal balance, and much more. Ruminating on a stressful incident will increase the levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, in your body. Emotions associated with living in a “state of emergency” all the time—which is what happens when you’re chronically stressed—are anger, aggression, hatred, fear, prejudice, anxiety, insecurity, hopelessness, and other negative states that feed the energetic chaos that manifests as physical pain and disease.

All of these emotions, which we consider to be part of our conscious reality, are derived or produced by stress chemicals. Now, if your emotions allow you to “see” your conscious mind, where do you look to observe your subconscious mind ? It is your own physical body.

Your subconscious is speaking to you loud and clear all the time. To “hear” what it’s saying, all you have to do is notice what’s going on in your body. Your body cannot tell the difference between an actual experience that triggers an emotional response, and an emotion fabricated through thought process alone—such as when worrying about something negative that might occur but has not actually happened, or conversely, thinking about something positive and pleasant. The fact that you can activate your body’s stress response (which produces chemicals that can make you sick) simply by thinking means that you wield tremendous power over your physical state in every moment. Moreover, it means that you can literally manifest disease, or healing, by thinking.

Constructing a clear Problem Statement : In the fullest sense, What are we truly HEALING ? Where is the problem in the first place ? Is something wrong with the body ? Is it the Body alone ? Or is it related to the mind as well ? Are stored emotions (subconscious mind) involved ? How can we effectively measure things to do with the mind ? What about the Soul ? Is there something like that ? If it does, then what role does it play ? Is that role Karmic ? If yes…is it new karma or old Karma ? If there is karma, then is there re-birth ? If there is re-birth…what is being re-born ? Some form of invisible energy ….isn’t it ? Can this be measured ? So, if the human being is being healed …..what then is the exact process ? Is Body + Mind + Soul +….other factors / Parameters. Is it then a fair problem definition of we say that Diabetes = Defective Pancreas or do we need to develop a more complete version ?

So !, questions to pose ourselves – When we say healing is happening….what do we actually mean ? Is it just the body? The pain in the body disappeared. And simultaneously the mind became more peaceful and less stressed. The S.H.E. made certain changes in their lifestyle, hence belief systems changed. Hence minor adjustments were made to their perception and purpose (soul evolution).

Can we heal just the human body without looking at healing the FULL human being (mind + body + spirit) ? When is the healing more complete …at the body level or the being level ?

Below are a set of concepts and fundamentals that are uniquely embedded within every step of the CHI healing protocols.

CHI – Energy Work ;

Fundamentals (Definitions and Introductions)

1.     What is Energy ?

For any form of flow to happen (ie some type of work is happening)…the most important prerequisite is energy. Energy is the name we have given to the invisible aspect of things that makes work happen. The best and most comprehensive definition of energy that we have encountered so far is as below.

Everything is ENERGY. Energy is EVERYTHING.

2.     Crystals and Dowsing

What are Crystals ?

Crystals generate, store, regulate, transmit and transform energy. Seemingly simple illnesses are really ‘dis-eases’. There is an underlying emotional, mental or spiritual condition that is manifesting as an illness to draw our attention to itself. Crystals gently address these underlying conditions and bring you back into holistic balance, which the definition of healing we prefer. Crystals have the ability to harmonize the atmosphere, or our bodies. Taking in energy, they cleanse the environment and your aura, and provide protection. Many crystals, such as Black Tourmaline or Amazonite, have a structure that absorbs energy. This means that the crystal holds onto detrimental energies such as electromagnetic ‘smog’, or negative thoughts and ill-wishing, and counteracts their detrimental effect.

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. For a crystal to work its magic for us it must be magnetised to our energies (Similar to blutooth pairing between devices).

What is Crystal Dowsing ?

Dowsing, a common practice in many cultures, is an art that dates back thousands of years. It interfaces the earth’s energies and Universal energies with our own energy, and can be thought of as our intuition communicating with us through the dowsing tools. It’s as simple as asking a clear question with a clear intention, and watching the dowsing instrument for an answer. It is fairly common to use a dowser to locate water or other underground lines, as well as oil. We use crystal dowsing as an effective tool to understand energy patterns in a sentient being, even those that have occurred in the past.

3.     The Five Elements and the Yin-Yang Philosophy

All existence comprises of 5 elements corresponding to 5 physical states. They seem to have combined in various ways and ratios to create the entire universe we experience today.

These are

  • Space / Wood (Chinese System) (Aakasha )
  • Fire (Agni / Plasma)
  • Earth (Solid)
  • Air / Metal (Gaseous state)
  • Water (Liquid)

Yin and Yang :

The visible (male,yang) and the invisible (female,yin) always come together. They are not separable. The magnet (visible) comes with the magnetic field (invisible). The body (visible) has the mind/aura (invisible). One cannot be without the other. For most humans their experience is contained by the 5 senses ,which are but a very small part of the visible spectrum. What is happening around us is way too big as compared to the input we are able to process through our body’s 5 senses. The ability to understand, measure and utilize what is happening in the invisible (ie the Energies) can influence / unleash far more profound impact on each of our journeys and experiences that we gather for ourselves.

Yin Yang 5 element Table 1.pngIn an attempt to understand and describe the phenomenon of the universe, ancient philosophers, Siddha practitioners, used the Yin-Yang and Five Element Theories to describe everything in the cosmos. The Yin-Yang and Five Element Theories have been the basic reasoning behind all ancient natural science. The development, and the changes of everything in the cosmos were the result of the interaction of yin-CHI and yang-CHI. The interaction of yin-CHI and yang-CHI is also used in the description of the interactions within the fundamental 5 elements. These five symbolic elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Air and Water which make up the universe.

4.     Fractal mapping and Subtle Energy Layers

Healing a human being on their subtle levels is energetically simple as compared to healing them on a body level. It is faster, more effective and requires a small amount of energy. Energetic bodies reflect the state of health of a person much in advance to physical body’s manifestation of any discomfort. Cleaning and balancing the energy body is much more elegant and simple as compared to cleaning up the physical body AND it takes far less energy and time.

Body Subtle layers 1.png

The micro universe and the macro universe are very closely related and similar and function in very similar ways. A human cell has 70% water, so does the human body…so does planet earth. Well known modalities such as Reflexology, Sujok, Auricular therapy have shown us that each point in the foot / ear / palm has a clear correspondence with the rest of the body.

fractal mapping 1.pngAuricular therapy 1.png

Observed reality – Change one aspect of the fractal and all other aspects also heal….simultaneously.

5.     Cymatics – Vibrations and manifestation

The study of vibrations is called Cymatics. All “matter” is created from energy and takes on different sizes, shapes, and colors. All energy vibrates at a particular rate or frequency. We as people vibrate at a particular frequency. Our emotions vibrate at different frequencies and will affect the frequency at which our physical beings vibrate. Wealth and poverty both vibrate at much different frequencies; with poverty being a low vibration and wealth projecting a much higher vibration rate. When it comes to vibration frequencies, we will attract that which vibrates at the same frequency as our emotional state. This is why it is imperative for us to practice maintaining emotions that will allow us to vibrate at the highest frequencies. Thoughts that bring Gratitude, love and compassion are the highest levels of vibrations and attraction we can create.

cymatics 1.png



What we send out is what we receive. cymatics 2.pngOur experiences and perceptions are dictated by what vibrations we send out. In the energy world…..a simple rule is that LIKE attracts LIKE. Our external universe is a reflection of our internal universe. If you send out vibrations of love / acceptance / compassion that’s the type of people and relationships we attract to ourselves. If we send out energies of anger, hatred, guilt, fear….events and incidents unfold in our lives that give us the same experience…repeatedly….again and again……until we learn the lesson change our approach to the next similar situation. Raising our own frequency brings about automatic changes in not only our health but also in our relationships, ecology and larger environment.

6.     The Universal Flow

Why do we call or say “something is in the flow”. ?

  • Its elegant and effortless. (eg…Sunrise, waterfall, birds flying)
  • No energy is wasted.
  • We experience significant alignment (An artist performing)
  • Energy is high.
  • All kinds of transformation is happening (visible and invisible).
  • Feeling of limitlessness. Not bound by time or material at that moment. Just like in a beautiful dance… The dance and the dancer are indistinguishable.

The human being is in a constant flow. All life is a flow. The human being is a fractal (micro form) of the cosmos (Macro form). Stoppages or restrictions in Energy flow create imbalances in the 5 elements. Clearing or balancing energy or elemental makeup creates the same effect within the other. There are many existing well documented and widely practiced methods and protocols that help healers assess the 5 element imbalance in any person.

7.     Energy Channels in the body

More than 2,000 years ago, Asian practitioners discovered that the human body has a subtle bio-energy system made up of energy conduits called meridians. These meridians are interconnected in ways that allow the flow of energy calledmeridians 1.png Chi (pronounced Chee), to move throughout the body from one meridian to another. Disruptions to the flow of energy created by blockages in any of the meridians can result in illness and disease. The flow and balance of life energies are necessary for maintaining health and there are tools to restore them.

Each point on a meridian corresponds to a specific pair of the 5 elements as described in fundamental-2 above.

The body is self healing – It knows what to do !!!

The body has amazing intelligence and knows when to seek nutrition, what to eliminate and how to keep itself balanced and healthy. Once we replenish any lost energy within the body we simply step out of its way and allow its natural healing ability to manifest.

8.     The importance of Compassion

Most of our scriptures define the God experience to be a state of Unconditional love (AKA Compassion). Compassion has the highest frequency amongst all known sates of being. It is observed that beings with highly developed compassion have high frequencies and that their higher chakras will be most active ( Crown (Violet) / Third Eye (Indigo) / Throat (Blue) / Heart (Green) ). Such beings live in abundance, have very little or no fear and are almost always in states of GIVING. Beings that operate from their lower vibration chart 1.pngchakras demonstrate behaviors based on Fear, Guilt and Shame and are most often in a state where they TAKE energy from their environment. Making choices to move to states of compassion (starting with compassion for the self) is a skill that can be developed. Making this transition is more about un-learning and less about new learning. When the healer and the S.H.E. choose compassionate living and thoughts, healing is the quickest.

Please watch the following videos that clearly show what goes on in our hearts is more powerful than our brains. It influences our very field and our coherence to everything around us.

9.     Energy Vibrations (Constructive or Destructive ?)

The principle behind the Crystal Heart Intelligence healing method – The healer identifies energy blocks in their S.H.E. Then they align their own energy / field to be in sync (phase) with the S.H.E and boost up (rev-start ?) S.H.E’s internal energy systems. energy-interference-constructive-and-destructive-1This process clears existing blocks and restores health back to original design states.

Energy interference constructive and destructive 2.png

10.  Time and Space (Quantum realities)

Observations in Quantum physics experiments demonstrate that

  • There is no linear time. (In the quantum world…THEN is NOW and NOW is THEN).
  • Time and space are not independent things. Time-Space is a single component. The relativity of space too is just that…Relative. Quantum studies and observations expose that HERE is THERE and THERE is HERE.

Since the system that we call a human being is comprised of the quantum world, the larger system must also be able to take advantage of the above manifestations and quantum laws. The Crystal Heart Intelligence protocols, using crystal dowsing techniques, make use of these quantum laws in its analysis and treatment / cleansing of non-supportive energy states in the human beings energetic system.

11.  Energy follows attention (YOU are that where your awareness IS)

energy follows attention 1.pngWith time and distance not being a limitation in the quantum world, Crystal Heart Healing protocols work remotely as well. Physical proximity to the S.H.E is not necessary for the treatment protocol to be followed. CHI healers are able to direct universal healing energies across time and space. This means past emotional trauma can also be healed and since LIKE attracts LIKE, by removing negative vibrations from our past, we avoid such future instances. Thus we break repeating patterns and create positive learning. As every human being raises their frequency and their awareness their energy fields also become larger and all encompassing.

CHI Energy Work – Protocols and Process

Target audience

We evaluate and address the subtle anatomy (the auric field and the systems situated within it) of a client and not the physical body alone. Our competency in subtle energy work enables us to effect balance on those levels to be of benefit to an individual as a whole. Our CHI therapy complements most other common medical approach. We treat people who are looking for an alternative way to treat their health issues, which the medical system has had no success with, or, someone wanting answers about what is causing disruptions in their life. Our unique system of dowsing is able to pinpoint the root problem causing these issues within a relatively short period of time. For example, if you have asthma, our system will find what is causing your asthma – be it a parasite, negative energy, life style and so on. Once we find the problem area and the cause, we use Crystal energy to “neutralize” the cause or “stressor.” In most cases, the client can feel a difference by the end of the session, or up to a 24-48 hour period. Chronic cases may take longer and more sessions to see a result. All this work can be done within a distance healing session, on the phone or over Skype.

Energy Worker Protocols

(P.E.A.C.E – Purposeful Entanglement Aligned with Cosmic Energy)

  1. Make current energetic assessment in terms of overall state of health versus their OWN normal (not the projected country normal) over a period of time. (Unique to each S.H.E). Powerful crystal dowsing techniques confirm visual symptoms, and question answer based observation and analysis.
  2. Trends / habits identified for repeating patterns over recent years.
  3. Specific blocks in energy and contaminating energy fields that cause destructive interference are identified. Cause of such interference is identified based on available information at that time.
  4. Pulse diagnosis determines elemental imbalance.
  5. Crystal based energy intervention to create a positive constructive interference and kick start and balance the S.H.E’s internal energy systems are initiated.
  6. The body now starts to balance, align and self heal by eliminating all unwanted waste energies and building lost capacity.

 Client (S.H.E) Protocols

(R.E.S.T – Restoring Energy States on Time)

  1. W.S.W – STOP WATCH (clock) and START WATCHING (Body) – Guidelines below
    1. Eat only when hungry.
      1. When ? – Commercial clock is not considered for meals. Only authentic Body signals such as hunger are honoured in real time. Simple test methods for false hunger are used by S.H.E to determine authenticity of body signal and that its not a mind habituated trick.
      2. How ? – With full presence and experiencing fully every morsel.
  • How much to eat ? – Just until the hunger dissipates. Stop eating as soon as that happens.
  1. How many times to eat ? – Not relevant. Eat only when hungry. AND EAT when hungry not 10 minutes after or in anticipation of hunger. It is all in the NOW.
  2. What to eat ? – What ever the body feels like having at that specific time.
  3. NO eating when NOT hungry.
  1. Drink water only when thirsty. Similar to the above.
    1. When ? – Only when thirsty. No rules such as we have to drink 3 litres of water a day.
    2. How ? – Slowly, like sipping tea.
  • How much – Until the thirst is quenched.
  • No drinking water when NOT thirsty.
  1. Sleep
    1. When ? – By 9 pm latest (especially for the healing period)
    2. How long ? – Wakeup when the body wakes up by itself.
  2. Rest

Break body part inertia as it happens. Eg-1. Been walking for long time. Legs are tired. Sit down and rest the legs immediately as you sense the tiredness and heaviness in the legs. Eg-2. Been washing dishes and feel a nagging pain in the shoulder area. Immediately take a break and do light stretching. Eg-3. Been sitting long on a chair in the office and back feels stiff….get up immediately and stretch out. Walk a little. Eg-4. Been working on the laptop for a while…eyes are getting tired…go and give them a cold water wash right away …go out to the balcony and look at some long distance sights.

CHI Healing protocols are adaptable and applicable to animals and living places as well.


Note :

We recommend that all SHEs be in A.W.E (Allow waste elimination). To know more about this subject please follow the following 2 articles as well.

  1.  WEIGHT <——– Click Here
  2. NAMASTE <——- Click Here

S.H.Es will adapt their day to day routine life to Biological signals and not the mechanical time clock. Body intelligence will govern lifestyle and not any linear time (clock) based intelligence.

Reference Case Example (1)

Outstation S.H.E, Male – 57 years, Officer in Govt department, (Reference-able and open to sharing).

Day-1 (9 pm at night), Q4 2015

Symptom – Frozen shoulder and inability to sleep well. Intermittent uncomfortable head aches.

Treatment – As described in the protocol section above.

Recommendations : Strictly follow S.H.E protocols (SWSW) as above.   Stop all medication and external inputs to aid body to do whatever it needs to do to heal itself.


Day-2 morning 6 am

S.H.E has had great sleep and deep rest. Stiff shoulder has disappeared.

With the success of this intervention, he finds the encouragement to share his other issues. He is undergoing treatment and taking medication for High blood pressure and diabetes for over 10 years. He wishes to treat this situation as well. We agree but on the condition that he strictly follows all SWSW rules and that he stops all medication. He agrees.

Note : No new treatment for his Sugar complaint is given. It is still the same as day-1.



S.H.E feels the urge to urinate more often. S.H.E body energy much higher than before. Is able to work well at the office. Sleep is much better. The energy boost gives him much confidence with his own body.

Week 2-8

S.H.E stays with SWSW strictly. Blood pressure returns to normal.

Week 9

S.H.E visits us again and has for some strange reason was stressed out and took medication for sleeping but just once. We follow our CHI treatment protocol once again.

Week 9-15 : S.H.E stays away from all/any synthetic drugs of any sort. Is highly energetic and enthusiastic about life because his body is keeping up with all his aspirations. Sleeps well, bowel movements are good, body energy is high, mind is peaceful.

Week 16 : Lab reports indicate that he has no diabetic condition anymore. Cured without drugs.

Reference Case Example (2)

Cow (Name : Shakti) – 3 years ( Shakti’s Owner Reference-able and open to sharing).

Day-1 (12 pm), Q3 2016

Symptom – Not giving milk since a freakish accident and injury from a fellow cow a few months ago.

Treatment – As described in the protocol section above. Except here, the pulse taking is replaced by dowsing for the 5 element imbalance.

Results – Day-2

Cow gives owners 7 litres of milk.


We are grateful to the many path builders that have inspired us over our 50 person years of healing activity and research. They are

  1. Dr Bruce Lipton for his amazing insights into the Biology of belief
  2. Gregg Braden on all his work on mapping science to spirituality
  3. All our masters of the Reiki and Pranic healing traditions
  4. Judy Hall for her amazing and pioneering work on Crystals
  5. Harry Oldfield and Dr Konstantine Korotkov for their amazing inventions which measure energy human fields
  6. Our many Yoga and Meditation and Pranayama teachers
  7. Our many students that are currently practicing the CHI protocols. Thank you for ever inspiring us.
  8. James Redfield who initiated the energy synchronicity generation
  9. Deepak Chopra for his amazing work linking belief / Karma / Health
  10. Eckardt Tolle for his work and writings on silence and consciousness
  11. Donna Eden and David Feinstein on their detailed illustrations on Energy Medicine
  12. Barbara Ann Brennan (Author of Hands of Light and founder of the world’s first Academy and University for alternative health care)
  13. Our tribal teachers in the Kottagiri mountains of the Western ghats who wish to remain unknown.
  14. All our supporters, volunteer friends and family that agreed to be a part of our early healing learning.
  15. Hiroshi Motoyama for his comprehensive research and practical applications on YOGA and healing using Chakras.
  16. Our Acupuncture teacher and amazing healer Shri Bose K Mohamad Meera and Shri Bose’s inspiration Dr Fazlur Rahman
  17. Bonnie Baumgartner for her pioneering work on making universal laws understandable to the common man.
  18. Jasmuheen (Ambassador of light) for making it evident that the human body has amazing capacity to take in cosmic energy.
  19. Pamela Chilton for her intuitive teachings on muscle testing and dowsing
  20. Janet Wright our beloved psychic consultant
  21. Louis Hay for her amazing work on linking belief systems to healing
  22. Ethan Vorley for his sharp and precise illustrations on various energy topics.
  23. Hasan Venkatesh and Illango (aka Raja) for their pioneering work done on fasting.
  24. To our many teachers from other parallel initiatives such as Organic farming (Subash Palekar, Nammalvar and countless others)
  25. Professor Arnold Ehret (Founder – Mucusless Diet Healing System)
  26. Dr Gary Null for his expose on the pitfalls of western healthcare systems
  27. All our non-human S.H.Es (dogs, cattle, horses, birds, cats….and more) that continue to gratefully participate in our healing adventures.
  28. To all of the pioneering researchers and scientists that are showcasing and teaching Cymatics based applications in our modern world.
  29. Michael Talbot for his illustrations on the Holographic Universe
  30. The Heart Math Institute


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