Cultivating yourself – Using this blog

An Introduction

Cultivating yourself – Using this blog

Exploring Healing

About us

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You don’t have a soul, You have a body.

This is Girl Chee and Boy Chi sharing our journey with you. We both have over 50 person years of healing experience to share based on just our current journeys. We are both passionate about teaching. Our area of significant interest lies in providing holistic options for humans and animals constrained by the current mainstream healthcare systems. We have created our own Crystal Heart Intelligence Programmes where we coach people to become smart healers using cosmic Energy.


Are you awakening ?

Hmm, So you took shape (Oops! we  almost said birth) on earth. The shape of what would be in the visible spectrum, a human body. At times you have wondered, and at other times you gawked at all the stuff the physically bigger beings threw at you. You learnt some stuff and probably discarded a lot of the hand me downs. Yet the incessant bombardment of ideas / notions / implants / inceptions thrown your way by family, social c

We all need to discover who we really are. What our true capabilities and power are.

ircles, media, corporate advertising, government, Gurus, tribal affiliations…   and so on, has left you with no help in terms of finding the original connect with which you arrived.

In other words you shaped up…to THEM…to the 1000s of years of hand me downs. And yet, everyday the incongruence of it all hits you…again and again. That same voice that you had once stopped heeding, instead of fading away actually becomes stronger. More and more synchronicities and messengers seem to come your way.

If there’s one thing that life has taught us, it’s that it isn’t what you’re born with, or even what happens to you that determines your ultimate destiny. What really matters are the choices we make along the way.

When Morphius came for Neo in the famous Matrix Trilogy it was somewhat easy for Neo. He had the right configuration and construct (something most apt for a commercially successful movie). He was single, a handsome hunk, a hacker and willing to take a risk. Importantly, who came for him? It was the gorgeous Trinity. Very romantic. This works well with Hollywood.

But what if you were not from Hollywood ? Does it mean that we do not get the chance at the red pill ? And if we did…do many of us even see it happening? This blog is for everyone of us that is a NEO in the making. If you are exploring how you can be THE ONE, then this blog can help you some. Enjoy.

Our discussions are going to be centred around our favourite subject – HEALING.

What is Healing ?



Healing is a multi dimensional process to a specific situation which the experiencer finds troublesome. The clarity and comprehensiveness of the how the situation is described…ie the “Situation Statement” determines how elegant the solution will also be. The more the clarity in the Situation Statement the more effective the solution will be.


Inherent to all problem statements and communications are definitions. Definitions generate meaning and help ease our reasoning mind to a clearer and more acceptable

which way ? 1.jpeg
Choice creates conflict

understanding of what is happening.

When we are in such a state of acceptance, we generate the least amount of conflict and resistance, allowing nature to do what it has to do without us hindering our own healing process. This is a lifelong process. So lets make it enjoyable.

Note :   As we grow, it becomes imperative that we revisit every one of our definitions and refine it to where we are at the present time.

Emotions are Energy in Motion.

When we feel an emotion, what we are really sensing is a certain vibration. A specific energy somewhere within ourselves. Each emotion has its own vibratory signature, and when strong emotions happen they can easily become trapped in your body. Our body is primarily energetic. However in popular representations connected with modern science   we express our body as a biochemical and biophysical instrument.

emotions pic chart 1.jpeg
How emotions influence your aura

Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained unresolved. Disruptions in our field of energy will eventually result in physical dysfunction. It’s interesting to note that certain emotions are known to be associated with pain in certain regions of our body. Many people suffering from depression will often experience chest pains and nothing is physically wrong with their hearts. Severe grief can also have a devastating impact— leading to common sayings such as  “someone died from a broken heart”. When we lose a loved one, our risk of suffering a heart attack shoots up by over a 1000% !

The role of stress

Stress produces large amounts of chaos at the underlying energetic level of our bodies. There is enough research to show that our body’s natural stress response has a huge impact on our blood sugar,  immune system, body chemistry and hormonal balance, and much more. All of these emotions, which we consider to be part of our conscious reality, are derived or produced by stress chemicals. Now, if our emotions allow us to “see” our conscious mind, where do we look to observe your subconscious mind ? Its our bodies.

Our subconscious is speaking to us loud and clear all the time. To “hear” what it’s saying, all we have to do is notice what’s going on in our bodies.

Our Bodies are Pure Energy

barbara-7-levels-1Thinking of our body as a conglomerate of densely packed energies rather than material cells will also help us understand that an

important factor in the root cause of disease is really inharmonious activity at the energetic, subatomic level. Remember, we are a collection of over 50 Trillion such energy units (cells). Living cells emit weak electromagnetic radiations. Our skin emits about 30 photons / sqcm / sec. This is too small to be commonly visible to the human eye. The commonly used term for this is “bioluminescence” and can be seen in many instruments specially designed for such purposes.


Mind over Matter / Body

Our body cannot tell the difference between an actual experience that triggers an emotional response, and an emotion fabricated through thought process alone—such as when worrying about something negative that might occur but has not actually happened, or conversely, thinking about something positive and pleasant. The fact that you can activate your body’s stress response (which produces chemicals that can make you sick) simply by thinking means that you wield tremendous power over your physical state in every moment. Moreover, it means that you can literally manifest disease, or healing, by thinking. This very same concept is what is in application when placebos prove successful. This is a clear demonstration of how much power our mind wields over our bodies.

What happens during Healing ?

Going forward, a person comes for healing. Clearly, any description of their given situation also depends on who is viewing it. A child will simply say, I like the moon, I want to fly to the moon. A NASA scientist will define the same in terms of distance, gravity, payloads, propulsions, costs, time and so on. Same situation – Different Views. The child’s view is less complex and simple in comparison to the adult NASA scientist. However, they are both right…from their own standpoint and position.

Likewise, in school biology children learn that when the pancreas do not secrete enough insulin the human body manifests a symptom called diabetes. This goes on to fundamentally become the backbone for diagnosis and treatment even in later stages (Medical studies). Can this be made more comprehensive and therefore holistic taking into account the entire human being ? CHI healing strives for this.

What then are we HEALING ? Where is the prob

We are magnificent and extremely powerful bio-computers. Every thought we entertain is a line of code that runs in our CPU. Our external reality is determined by our internal makeup. So, lets be attentive and aware of what thought forms we attach ourselves to.

lem in the first place ? Is something wrong with the body ? Is it the Body alone ? Or is it related to the mind as well ? Are stored emotions (subconscious mind) involved ? How can we effectively measure things to do with the mind ? What about the Soul ? Is there something like that ? If it does, then what role does it play ? Is that role Karmic ? If yes…is it new karma or old Karma ? If there is karma, then is there re-birth ? If there is re-birth…what is being re-born ? Some form of invisible energy ….isn’t it ? Can this be measured ? So, if the human being is being healed …..what then is the exact process ? Is Body + Mind + Soul +….other factors / Parameters. Is it then a fair problem definition of we say that Diabetes = A Defective Pancrea ? This is the complex version (More of the how is involved).

The BODY is a dynamic Process

The body by itself is a collection of over 50 plus Trillion cells, each with its own distinct behavior / functions and personality. A small being in itself. Every second, billions of these beings die and many new ones are born. Every second, these trillions of beings are assimilating new material and eliminating waste material from themselves. This is continuously happening even in our sleep. The system is very precise and intelligent in its working.

The human body is incredible. Part of what makes it so impressive is (apart from the concept of consciousness and self awareness) is its ability to regenerate itself.  The epidermis replaces itself every 35 days.  We get a new liver every six weeks. Our stomach lining replaces itself every 4 days. Stomach cells that come into contact with digesting food are replaced every 5 minutes.  Our entire skeletal structures are regenerated every 3 months. Our entire brain replaces itself every 2 months. The body is one continuous dynamic process, changing and flowing all the time.

Questions to pose ourselves

When we say healing is happening….what do we actually mean ? Is it just the body? The pain in the body disappeared. And simultaneously the mind became more peaceful and less stressed. The person mea

Soul = Your personal power……..Remember this always.

nwhile has made certain changes in their lifestyle, hence belief systems changed. Hence minor adjustments were made to their perception and purpose (soul evolution). Can we heal just the human body without looking at healing the FULL human being (mind + body + spirit) ? When is the healing more complete …at the body level or the being level ?


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