Lessons from Life : Parenting-1

Being a healer is all about alignment with nature. As humans we have much to learn from the animal kingdom. The best part is that such learning is always so much fun and wholesome.


Crystal Heart Intelligence – Energy Work

We developed these techniques and protocols after almost 50 years of healing experience between us. Often the experience would happen first and we would find the theoretical explanation much later. We have benefited greatly on our journey by using much of the underlying philosophies and concepts that we share in the article. Here is wishing all you readers an amazing journey ahead.

Gross Emergent Radical Madness (G.E.R.M) THEORY

The single biggest reason for most diseases is fear. Fear can be removed only when we have clarity on what is happening. That clarity can happen only when our life experiences and our belief systems are in alignment with each other. The single biggest fear most of us have is that of falling ill. In this post we remove any fear of GERMS that you may have.

Cultivating yourself – Using this blog

Welcome dear Reader. We started this blog in an attempt to share our life experiences. We have a great passion for healing and are deeply committed to our own sovereignty and freedom. Significant learnings, synchronicity, personal growth and miracles have happened when we followed our hearts. We are hoping we can help show you back to your own heart. May you experience and enjoy the magnificence of existence in your present journey.