Is Your food EATING You?

Energy follows attention. It flows to where our attention goes. Our food will be more energised when the energy of the farmer and farm animal beings go into it from tilling till harvesting. Its only such  foods that give us energy. Today, the majority of the food we eat  is supplied by the Food Industry. It's a... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Life : Eyes

By looking at the eyes any human being can easily tell what emotions are being expressed without needing to look at the rest of the face. This is true wherever you maybe on this planet, a city-being, a tribal, a plains person, a mountain person or a rural person. Eye Expressions are observed in every... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Energy Cords

What is a Cord? Cords are energy links between two or more people. Cords are made of astral energy (Subtle) As the cord is not a physical substance and distance is irrelevant, so it is still effective from the other side of the planet. Cords are strong thoughts or emotions of one person towards another.... Continue Reading →

On Entities

Majority of people living on planet earth today are totally unaware of non-physical energies (beings) that can actively interfere with our energy and emotions and even things, places rooms etc. Although there is some acceptance of such phenomena, it is largely misunderstood. Very few know how to deal with such things. In the past, the... Continue Reading →

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